Joys Of An 11 Month Old

Ahhh the feeling of spring, then you wake up to snow? Well thats Nevada for you. The weather has been so funny around here lately. The warm days are such a treat and it lets you know that summer is on the way.

I wanted to share some fun things we’ve been doing lately and what progress littles has been a making. He’s almost 11 months. For such a little new guy, he packs a whole of energy and is full of smiles and laughter. I can’t express enough how lucky we are to have such an easy going, happy, willing to try it, cuddly yet tough baby we have. He amazes me everyday! We have been working on the crawling/walking phase lately and boy is it ever entertaining! Littles isn’t too big into crawling, in fact he sort of dislikes it. He gets down on all fours, he wiggles around for a minute, sets is eyes on his prize and with all his might, lays down, lol. He then follows that by rolling around and pretty much making crazy movements until he reaches his destination. But with walking, its like he doesn’t like to sit and wants to be standing. He loves holding on to the couches, chairs, cabinets and whatever else he get his grip on. So baby proofing is in full effect at my home. He loves being in his walker and roaming around the parts of house he’s able to get too. The dogs have been so patient with him, they are always around him and wanting to be close, one of biggest dogs, I call him the Worlds Smallest Hippo, he lays down right next to where littles is playing and his nose is almost touching him, littles pats his head and smiles, our dog just lays there and is the most content he can be. It’s too cute when littles is standing and he reaches up with both hands waiting for you to grab his, now were off walking along the hallways and living room, one foot followed by the other foot, then a quick bounce of excitement. He loves to be walking and I imagine that any now, I’ll look over and there he is, walking towards me. Just thinking of that moment males me smile.

He loves his bouncer, the kind you hand from the door frame. Its a weird little contraption that has a giant spring loaded claw and it rests onto of your door frame. He gets going in that thing and you can hear him laughing from across the house. The other big one is this Vtech standing toy, pics below.



He stands and grabs the dancing bear and loves the music and lights. He bounces up and down with excitement and finally learned to fall on his bottom instead of being stiff as board and falling back, OUCH! I love watching him at sitting position, grab the handle, pull himself up and wiggle around so proud of himself! Watching your child learn something and actually get and repeatedly keep trying it is the best feeling a mom could ask for, seriously!  He’s big into lights and sounds and anything electronic, but the natural side of his still loves the “green” toys, blocks and shapes and the activity block that Grammy has at her house, a simple wood block with moving pieces of all shapes and colors.  He has such a creative mind and anything really becomes a cool toy. Tupperware with cooking spatulas make an awesome drum set. A zip lock of beans is fun to throw around and moms flip flops are for some reason super cool, but gross in eyes for him to play with. Shoot, even the dog bowl an stand is an awesome toy! Mirrors are also big right now. His reflection and any other reflection in his sight is just too cool! He giggles at himself and then turns around to see exactly if I’m real or in the mirror. Its hilarious! He loves those Melissa & Doug wood shape sets, his Michelangelo teenage mutant ninja turtle this tool box that his cousin gave him. Hammer included (toys of course)




Talking has been fun, words like baba, mama and dada are in his vocabulary. Up, “ger” and mmm are other favorites. We do not baby talk with littles we encourage his proper learning of words and try to correct him or say the word to him. We talk to him constantly about what were doing, why and where were going. We read and look at pictures and point out the things were talking about. We encourage him to practice his vocals as often as possible. While driving we (I ) sing songs,thank goodness for blue tooth now days, otherwise I’d be the weird lady talking to herself in the car.

He most definitely takes after his mom and is quite the little eater. We’ve come along way from breast milk to formula to now solid foods. All sorts of yummy foods that I’m so happy he loves to eat. Grilled chicken, stewed beef, pork chops, chicken sausage and chicken bacon and even baked salmon. He loves avocados, spinach, broccoli, peaches, mandarin oranges, kiwis and mangos. He enjoys a wide variety of fruits & veggies, not mashed up anymore, no way,we do it big boy style, small cut up pieces that we likes to either finger feed himself, or we both hold the fork or spoon to eat. Were learning how to hold utensils and have plates in front of us without throwing them and getting better at drinking from a cup. He enjoys pastas with sauce, quinoa salads, cucumber sammies, hummus, beans, scrambled eggs and really small bites of whatever were eating. Spaghetti, orange chicken with broccoli and rice, curry with chicken, the limits are endless at this point. This weekend were intruding peanut butter. It’s a bit before that one year mark, but I feel as though he is ready for it. I am slightly concerned about him having an allergy to it, I ate peanut butter while pregnant and don’t want to make a big deal of it, so a little PB&J is up next. I know he’ll love it and I don’t think he’ll have a reaction to it. Then honey and right close to his one year, well slowly start introducing milk. I have read both sides of the argument over wether or not to feed your under 12 month old seafood, nuts, eggs or honey.  I have to agree and admit that after reading the research done, it’s OK to start these foods earlier not like 6 month early, but at that 9/ 10/11 month mark. A sample meal schedule goes as follows, 6am about 4-6 ounces of formula. 8am-ish breakfast 4/5 ounces of eggs, fruit, toast, veggie or oatmeal. I try to incorporate a protein, fruit & starch. Lunch time about noon- grilled chicken, asparagus, sweet potato, sammy pieces, ham and potatoes or mac n cheese. Again trying to be balanced with a protein, fruit/veggie/starch. 6 oz formula about 1 ish- Afternoon snack at around 3ish is yogurt, fruit pieces, apple veggie sauce, cottage cheese about 4-5 ounces. Dinner is usually at 6:30 and is again 4-5 ounces of a protein, a starch, veggie/fruit. One little oatmeal cookie as a treat then a bottle at about 7:45. Now that he’s getting bigger, were slowing backing off the formula and incorporating more foods. And water throughout the day to keep him hydrated. Littles hasn’t been given any juice yet and I don’t really intend to anytime soon but I will soon incorporate a veggie/fruit juice. All natural with no added sugar. We don’t need him at such a young age to have these things yet, there is no nutritional value in refined sugars, processed foods or preservatives. Home made fruit snacks and popsicles are great too!

Now that weather is getting nicer, we’ve been doing more outdoor activities, playing outside, going for walks, taking littles to play disc golf or really just mom and dad play and he watches and laughs. Were trying out a Gymboree class this weekend and I’m hoping he’ll dig tumbling around and just being a kid! We’ve been to baseball games and soon our first camping trip with some swim time. I can’t wait. Dad’s first big boy project is too get him a little dirt bike to start learning on. It fills my heart with joy to hear the hubby talk about the day that he and his son are riding together out in the dessert. Mom is excited to have littles outside gardening and playing the dirt! All the these future moments I can’t wait for, but enjoying all these baby moments as much as I can before their gone. Just yesterday he was in his wrap pressed against my chest sleeping and today he’s way too big for that, lol!! I must say, besides being a wife, motherhood has been my ultimate gift!

I’d love to know what you and your littles are doing and eating these days. Enjoy growing, learning and eating all while living in Nevada.





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