Fun Paper Crafts Make Me Happy


Paper projects are my all time favorite!! It helps my urge to create things and it doesn’t hurt that I work for one of the best print shops in all the land. So paper, laminate material, foil and old holographic stickers are abundant. I love to get creative during holidays and really go all out. I do this mostly at work as we have 20 foot walls and warehouse ceilings. Sad that if your like and have an 8-5er, we spend most of our time at work. ( I need to change this )   I tell my graphic design work peeps that I am the “Ghetto Design Artist” I happen to love taking old pallets, throw away circle dots and bundled up foil pieces from our dumpster and turn them into creative art. P.S. The guys in the back now save that stuff for me so theres no more diving.

For this coming Spring, we’ve really been feeling the weather here in Reno, so I wanted to get in the mood with a half Easter half Spring design that is sure to WOW.  I decided to make flowers with our Astrobright collection. Taking an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet, cutting it into quarters and folding them into cone shapes. You will need 4 different colors for 4 layers. Cut out a cardboard circle roughly 6 1/2 inches in size, take the first layer of cones and attached them around the outer part of the circle. I stapled mine, but using a good glue gun or fast acting adhesive works. There really is no number of cones that I can suggest, just keep attaching them to your liking. Now start with the second color and layer, keep following the first layer around. Same with the third layer, on this layer and the fourth layer, you might need to cut the attaching ends of the cones down a bit to fit into the tight space. Once done with all layers, you should have a beautiful Dahlia flower to hang on the wall. I made four in different color schemes. I took several colored dots and with some fine eyeballing created a spring logo. In honor of all my great work peeps, each of their names are written on each dot that surrounds the flowers. For every work project like this that I do, everyone gets their names on the board! I think it turned out pretty cool!!







A few eggs made from Astrobright paper and some old credentials. Egg shaped paper cut outs, staple in the middle and fan out, I attached them to a long piece of ribbon and hung from my desk. Cute little chick and rabbit cut outs to accentuate the fullness of Easter.

EasterEggs.JPG     EasterEgg2.JPG



I found this “window frame” as is, it was the bottom of a pallet I wanted to use, I ripped this off and found it to be quite cool, so of course, I had to use it! So I came up with using a name sign for our front office, our work colors are green & black, but I occasionally switch out the colors to match the holiday…..or mood!



For St. Patrick’s Day………………………..



Old non useable foil in all the right rainbow colors! Black pot from our shipping paper, gold Astrobright coins, card stock clouds with highlighter blue accents for texture and depth. I winged this one and with out any layout or design strategy, I just started putting things on the wall and this was the outcome. I feel like creating a fun atmosphere in the front office is just what is needed to turn a rough day around, well slightly anyways  🙂




Halloween is my all time favorite holiday! I wanted to try something different with more movement, since paper doesn’t move, I have to make it move. My version of a spooky Halloween scene. Bats moving towards the moon are definitely an eye catcher. Even walking threw the front door, something catches the corner of your eye and for a moment, you quickly turn your head to see whats going on. Where did these guys come from? Cut out bats with either dark grey or black paper, I did both, but hard to tell here. Crease the middle, tape on the crease and attach. Arrange them in a way that they would be flying to create movement. I added the giant moon and grey clouds to the upper corner. Pretty easy and simple, no mess! P.S. whenever I mention tape to use on the wall, I try to use something wall & paint friendly, so painters tape or even desk tape works good!!




I call this one the Giving Tree. A wet pallet dried this way with such amazing color to it, nature at it’s finest!  A real pumpkin from my favorite pumpkin patch, Ferrari Farms off Mill Street and a wicker pumpkin brought from home. Grabbed a few leaves from right outside, threw them down to add realness to the scene. Twist natural colored shipping paper into long “branches” attached to the wall with pins. The base was a larger piece wrapped over all of the branches to create the trunk and a few roots poking threw the pallet. Each work peep got their own paper craft pumpkin. Take about 8-10 long strips about 1/2″ wide, fan them out to make a circle, staple in the middle, then grab each piece, bring to the top and staple all together to create a ball. I used two orange colors, then take a strip of green, take scissors and run the green strip down the scissor edge like you do ribbon to create a cute curl, cut out a leaf and staple both to the top. I wrote each name on the leaf. Staple all pumpkins randomly throughout to create the tree. I must admit, this one was my most favorite, it turned out better than expected.




I am a big scrapbooker, I make my own holiday or just because cards, I make paper figurines and paper boxes. All of these things amongst the many other things I love to do, give me a creative outlet and it allows you to shut the world off for a few minutes and let out some steam. I love checking out Pinterest for new ideas and see what others are doing, so if you ever feel like you can’t do these or that you aren’t creative enough, BS, there are so many free ideas out there, just Google something and let id flow from there!

I love living in Nevada, I hope you do too……Live, love, laugh and create all while living in Nevada. Happy Easter Guys!!!!























































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