Favorites of an 8 moth old………

Has it already been 8 months since littles arrived? Jeesh! Where has the time gone…………


I wanted to share you with some of the awesome products that were using these days. So all you mamas and papas that are new to this “parenting world” I have brought some helpful ideas to share with you!!

Diaper Rash Cream- Ok lets get this one out the way first, since it is the most FUN to get a handle on. In my experience I have come to find out that diaper rash is caused by more than just not changing diapers frequent enough. It can also be caused by teething or antibiotics. With my littles, he gets this type of rash with both. I notice that there is also a difference between the rashes. With the teething it’s not as bad, small red areas along the insides of the bottom. I just use either Beaudruex Buttpaste, Babyganics or The Honest Diaper Cream. On the other hand, with him recently taking antibiotics for an ear infection, the rash is more “wet” and thats when I use either corn starch/baby powder product to suck up some of that moisture. *I also like to let him air dry everyday, twice a day, for about 20 mins or so. I lay him down on a towel and put a little cloth rag over his private areas ( incase of a little pee pee) and with boys, who knows where it will go, lol! This sounds silly, but I try to keep his legs spread apart while I’m playing with him, little bicycle movements for a little bit to really get that area dried out, more the anus area and all the little folds. That really helps and allows you to apply the diaper cream. I use the diaper cream with every diaper change. * According to some researchers, now days they say that powder products like Baby Powder can cause lung problems in infants, so I stepped away from him, put some into my palm and gently let that fall onto the affected area to avoid a dust cloud.

Rice Rusks or Puffs- These easily dissolving “surfboard” shaped rice wafers are my littles all time favorite. His little face gets a grin from one side to the other and the hands go flying!! The brand that I buy are the Parents Choice, they come 2 in every pack. I think 12 packages in a box, they cost about $2.00 a box. Find them anywhere. I like this brand compared to other wafer style, this one is still just as good, but also doesn’t leave the gummy cookie mess everywhere like the others do. I give him one an evening as a little snack. I don’t even break it up anymore, he loves the size and he can hold it and take little bites from it. Funny the first time you hear your little make a crunch noise. My littles has two bottom teeth and 2 top teeth, well technically one and half top teeth. I started giving him these when his first teeth developed and he showed interest in wanting to eat finger foods. Plum Organics make fun flavored “puffs” that are shaped like little stars and great for the “pincer” period in infants where they hone their skills of the forefinger and thumb grab. They have strawberry and beet, blueberry and sweet potato and spinach apple kale. They taste great and littles loves feeding himself.

Teething Toys & Tabs- Littles is out of the pacifier phase, WOOH HOO!! So finding something to sooth him is tougher these days. For teething I have found the BEST teething toy, finger & hand work out, all around best nutritional item is a………….dun dun dun a CARROT!!! I get the long ones, shave it or not. Trim the ends and hand it over. They will naw the heck out if it, it doesn’t hurt them and they can’t choke on it. Provides soothing comfort for their gums, and helps with their hand to mouth coordination.  As they get bigger, watch out for them actually cutting a piece off with their front teeth, but even then, the pieces are small enough that littles can swallow it safely, but with all things, just watch them as they are enjoying it. We also use the refrigerated rings that are cooled down and really help those swollen gums! A damp baby cloth put into the freezer for short time, enough to almost freeze it, remove and let littles chew on it for a bit. And of course, our “Kiki” Elephant chew toy, its a less hoity toity version of the Sophie la Girafe Teether.  Hyland’s makes an all natural teething tab. They are these little tiny white pills that have all natural ingredients in the them to sooth the pain. They chew 2 or 3 pills at a time, every 4 hours or so. I am not 100% convinced that these work, but I feel like they help. My littles wears a Baltic Amber Teething necklace. I bought mine from the Nurturing Nest off Longley here in Reno. Amazon and local stone/bead shops have them as well. They are not to chew on, but they say that the amber has healing properties in it, when introduced to the skin, its relieves pain associated with teething.  You are supposed to clean it once a week with a very mild soap and recharge it in the sun for a few hours. Honestly, there is no scientific proof that it does work, but it looks cute, its all natural, so I’m down to try it! Choking has never been a concern of mine with the necklace, its easily tearable, the clasps are a plastic screw on type and you can also take it off while they sleep.

Finger tooth brush- When your littles starts into solid foods, thats the best time to start a healthy teeth & gum regimen. Right after he eats, I take a small finger toothbrush and rub it all round his teeth and gums. This allows him to get used to the brush being in his mouth and it is cleaning the food from the day. I do it once a day right now, at night after his last solid food meal. I do not use toothpaste yet. Water is important now too, it helps to keep them hydrated and refreshed, cleans their mouth out after any type of food and if starting now with it, they won’t fuss about water as much when their older………I hope!

Solid Foods- This to me, is such a taboo topic. Depending upon who you ask, the diet of an infant between the ages of 6 moths to 12 months is one of the hardest to understand!  Wether it be a Dr, a book, the internet, your mom, your friends, everyone has their opinion of what and when their littles can eat. Here is my theory and what were currently doing. My littles started out on rice cereal and oatmeal, followed by bananas, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes. We started that at about 5/6months old. As he progressed, we dove into avocados, pears, green beans, squash, zucchini, mangos and pineapples. Being at 8 months old now, we’ve moved on to scrambled eggs, spinach, kale, lentils, chickpeas, mashed potatoes ( not made with milk or seasonings) asparagus, beets, turnips, cauliflower and broccoli. The way I judged this was by watching his reactions and his ability to somewhat chew by moving his jaws around to crush or smash the food. When we go out to eat, depending upon where we are, littles is sitting up just fine these days and he can sit in a restaurant high chair. I will sometimes order him a little something, we have eaten rice, wheat toast and scrambled egg. Whatever I am eating, I am trying to incorporate into his diet as well. I’m not talking about Doritos with your sammy or chicken vindaloo by any means, but grilled chicken, veggies, a veggie soup, things of that nature. As long they can swallow it and mash it with what they’ve got. We have introduced dill and parsley and cilantro. All which my littles was interested in. I will say that I am not going to give him any fish or honey or peanut butter until he is older. Honey and peanut butter, somewhat for his allergy protection, but mostly because those foods are too sticky and thick and babies his age cannot swallow that properly yet. As much as mama loves fish, I will wait till closer to the one year mark when were both more ready. Next up on the food list, were going to try stewed beef, cheese, yogurt and more combos!!  Just a heads up now to all family, NO littles will NOT be eating a “cake” for his one year 😦 I know, I know, I’m lame!! I am not ready for littles to be eating processed foods or refined sugars!! They do make a nice “healthy” smash cake for the one year mark that I will be making. It includes bananas, no sugar added applesauce and whole wheat flour. They even have a frosting for it too. Find the recipe at ourhavenhill.com, under recipes or look at Pinterest, they’ll have some too!

Umbrella stroller- This little guy has been a life savor. We do have the big ole fancy stroller/jogger deal where the car seat can attach to the stroller or just use it as a stroller. But it’s big, it’s bulky and sometimes too much. So, we got a little umbrella stroller that has a seatbelt on it, and a little hood for the bright sun. Littles can just sit in it with a blanket if need be and cruise around looking at everything as we head from the parking lot to the Drs office or a quick store trip and I don’t want to carry him. Besides, I feel like he appreciates being able to sit and look around. It looks like this:Babies-R-Us-Lightweight-Stroller--pTRU1-19575772dt

Super simple, easily folds and only costs about $20-$30 depending upon where you buy it. P.S. If you throw your diaper bag over one of the handles, and there is no baby in it, it will fall backwards.


Baby Stores local & online-  I am so dang frugal at heart its not even funny. But along with that comes the feeling of not being wasteful and recycling items that are OK to be re-used. I think hand me down clothes are fine, they can be washed and cleaned. Same thing with high chairs, bouncers, excersaucers, rockers, wood cribs less the mattress, glider chairs for nursing, even the popular Bumbo chairs, toys that can be washed or sanitized. My thoughts are that if the item is gently used, can be cleaned, then what the heck. My littles has lots of these items. Gracious co workers and friends that have older children have all been throwing items my way and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I wouldn’t use any USED hygiene or eating items like nipples. No mattresses, teething toys, underwear, car seats or un washable items. They will only be used for such a short amount of time. Some of the local stores we enjoy are The Nurturing Nest, Play it Again Kids, Sippees, Carters, Target. Amazon is great, The Land of Nod and Etsy.  All of them range in price and what they carry. Some things are worth spending that extra buck but there are also a lot of good, reasonably priced items out there too! Just Between Friends, twice a year has this awesome giant sale at the Livestock event center. Its only a few bucks for admission, they carry everything!!! It’s basically gently used items for sale by parents, vendors and retail shops. They come together to give everyone great deals on kids clothing, toys, books and infant needs. It’s pretty cool, go early if you can, the check out line gets crazy long!


Coughing/Pain Relievers- Always, always check with your doctor before administering any of the following!!! My natural cough remedy is by Zarbees.  Target, CVS & Walgreens carry this product. It’s an all natural cough & mucus concoction made from tea leaves & agave syrup. Zarbees makes other all natural products for the immune system, probiotic and digestive health and vitamins. This is my go to when littles has a slight cough. Make sure to check the labels, the one for babies 12 months and older contain honey, for infants younger than that, they do make one for infants 2months +.  Tylenol and Childrens Motrin are what my pediatrician says are safe. Check with your doctor for dosage amounts.

Daycare/Learning Centers-  I saved the best for last, or should I say the HARDEST!!  My littles started day care at about 8 weeks old. Well, lets back up just a bit. The hubby and I decided when we first knew that I was pregnant that mom would go back to work and that we would find a day care for little man. This was not an easy decision, but for financial and sanity reasons, we made this choice. I have always worked and brought home the bacon, just as my husband has. It’s not that I am in a much needed career path right now or even that my job is THAT important per se, but as a woman, I did not want to be a stay at home mom. To some that sounds bad, I get it, but its our choice to make. There are a lot of kids that attend school/day care. Now let me explain the difference between a day care and a learning center. Now don’t get all offended about what I’m about to say OK. Day cares could be a home that you drop your kid off at, maybe its a friend or family member or young person. Maybe their licensed, maybe not. Maybe they know CPR. They might have a room segregated off that they use as their “play room” or maybe a garage converted into a day care. There’s a TV, couches, pets maybe, personal or family items everywhere. Maybe they keep it clean, maybe they do activities but just a whole of of NUH UH’s!!  This is not to say that every where is like this, but I have personally seen a few when I first interviewed! A learning center is a scheduled time of naps, feedings, learning, activities, outside time and learning to be social with other children. They are licensed, most of the staff has infant & children development education. They are CPR certified, they cost more and they have strict rules. Again, not all of them are this way, but thats the general idea. If you are in need of a learning center or day care. Visit UNR’s webpage for CFRC ( Child & Family Research Center) They are a specialized group of individuals who work with UNR to give our community some of the safest, most nurturing and higher learning standards in the Northern Nevada area. There is also a government website that you can look up that tells you any and all complaints against a daycare that you might be considering. If you have some in mind, ask them for a tour and don’t hesitate to ask a million questions, after all this could potentially be the place your child will spend most of their time during the work week.  So if they have to be somewhere, how about a place where they can socialize and actually learn!!!  Again, I am not a Doctor or a certified person of anything, this is what I have experienced and the types of places I have seen in this area. Please feel free to contact me for any more further thoughts regarding this topic.


All in all, all of this info is to be helpful to you, not offend or upset. I hope you enjoyed all my silly ideas and advice, until next time. Love your babies all while living in Nevada!!!







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