Why I Love My Son


When I’m just sitting at work in between emails or clients, I stare out the window with that glazed look and wonder what my littles is doing at that exact moment. A passerby would look over at me and wonder whats that smile for?

All the reasons I love my son……………..

Because its 5:30am on Saturday morning and I’m awaken by giggles, bubbles and laughter.

Because when it’s 6pm at night and we just got home and are rushing to get settled in for the night and I’m hurrying to feed littles his rice cereal and with all my stress, his face looks up and just smiles at me with nothing but love.

Because were in the car on the way home from running errands all day and littles is a bit fussy in his car seat and I reach over to gently rub his head to tell him I’m here and he grabs my finger and just holds on

Because when I am doing nothing or everything, I can stop and tears come out of my eyes because I am so in love with my son

Even when I have had no sleep and things are piling up on my mind, I look at his face looking at me and all my stress falls to the floor and I grab him and hug him tightly, because he is everything.

His presence is echoing,  he takes the blackest of black and turns it into sunshine. His cooing before bedtime is the most soothing sound the house hears. His dirty diapers and carrot filled bibs are the cutest dirty clothes ever. The smell of his room and the Oatmeal lotion from last nights bath time. All the little socks and shoes that are too small now.

Everyday there are milestones, everyday there are ups and more ups, no downs. His cries of being over tired are little gestures of why I love being a mom.  When the toughest of days are upon us, they are still the best moments in my life. The drool and spit up stains on the right shoulder of most of my shirts. His smell in my scarf from stuffing his face into it. When I reach into my coat pocket and theres a snot rag instead of the car keys. Trying to carefully trim his nails while Dad is feeding him.

Because sometimes Mom doesn’t plan well and we forget something important at home and littles just laughs at me. Because he grabs my hair when I’m holding him and he tries to eat it.

Everyday he loves us conditionally,  he tries to be on his best behavior, but hey, he’s only 6 months old so we let him slide on a lot of things 🙂

He is the putter in my heart beat, he is the warmth in my smile, he’s the goose bumps I get when were not together in that moment and I’m thinking of him. He is the glimmer in the rain puddle, the gleam in his dads eyes……….He is my everything and these are not even a quarter of the reasons why I love him so much.

He is mine and I am his……….I love you!




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