8 Infant Items That Are Must Haves! ( According to a new mom)

So there I was thanking the high heavens for this wonderful product. If I didn’t have this in my infants life, what the hell would I do!! So, this lead me to wanting to spread the word on a few baby items that I highly recommend having!! Since little man is only 3 months now, these are items that I have used so far. If you are a new mom or even a soon to be mom, check out the following items for some good tips on cool items that are a must haves!

In no particular order…………….

1. Swaddle Sacks- Have you see these?      SummerSwaddle

Summer, is the brand that I have. They are these cool swaddle sacks that are like little sleeping burritos for babies. Made out of cotton with velcro straps allow baby to be comfortable nestled in the sack and locked in with velcro straps.       SwddlePic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I use mine mostly at night time. It helps to not only keep baby warm, but it helps with their “moro reflex” or their startle reflex. Those twitch movements they do in their sleep.  The swaddle sack cuts down on those and allows baby to sleep soundly. They come in many cute colors and patterns and sizes.

2.   Cloth Diaper/Wipes-  Gerber is the one that I use.  I know they say cloth diapers, but they are about 24″x24″ and work perfect for anything! Bib, a quick wipe, a blanket, burp cloth  and yes, a diaper. They are washable/reusable and baby soft. They come in a 12 pack. I have them in our diaper bag, changing table, my purse and my jacket pockets! They are just super handy and easy to grab when that moment arrives.


3.  WubbaNub Pacifier-       Wubbanub

These little guys are awesome!! Littles prefers Philips Avent pacifiers. They are more of a nipple shape and are very smooth. Not only are they a cute and a fun toy, but their also a holder for the pacifier. A little bit different idea than the normal clip style. They run about $13-$19 depending upon the animal. You can find them on Amazon.  Once your little one is done with pacifiers, remove it and enjoy the little guy as a toy. They are super helpful and my little man loves it!

4. Dr. Brown’s Bottle System-

DrBrown                     DrBrown2

This is such a nice gift pack to have! It comes with all the bottles and nipples, storage containers and caps,cleaning brushes, pacifier, teether, bottle brush, training cup and bottle warmer. Sold separately is the bottle sterilizer with drying rack. I just love this system and it comes with everything you need. The bottles have a patented internal vent system that eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The positive pressure design allows babies to feed comfortably, because the vent system eliminates the air bubbles and vacuum. Helps maintain vitamins C, A & E plus lipids. They offer standard and wide sizes. All levels of bottle & nipple sizes, BPA free and dishwasher safe, this kit runs about $170 for everything. You can find it at either Amazon or Babies R Us.

5.Portable Changing Station-


Exactly what you are thinking. When you need to change littles diaper and there is no changing table available. This comes in handy to be able to get the job done. It has compartments for diapers, wipes a head rest and comes with about 20 trash bags to dispose of the dirty diaper. I have had to use this guy at a day at the lake, at a Drs. appointment where the bathroom was broken. I have even used this to in the car when your in  a pinch. Makes for easy changing and the material is easy to wipe clean. They come in many colors and designs. About $20 at most major stores.

6. Boba Wrap-


One of my favorite tools of the trade. This is an awesome baby carrier! I love the wrap idea vs. the typical “carrier” style. I feel like this is more flexible and can be used for all stages of your littles. Newborn, infant to toddler. All you have to do is wrap it. I know it looks slightly scary, but once you try, I think you’ll never go back to the other styles. It’s so versatile, soft and comfortable. You will only need this one carrier. It’s great for men too! Once tied, your little ones safe and sound against your chest and allows for Mom to be able to get things done. Tons of colors to choose from and its a one size fits all deal. You can wear the wrap and insert your baby into the middle when ready. Also, it makes for a handy scarf or outfit when your really in a pinch! Plus I think it looks cool too!! There is also a similar wrap made by Moby.

7. Jogger Stroller Carseat Combo-


This is another one of my favorites. The best part of this stroller, is that without disturbing your little one, you can remove the car seat from your vehicle and insert it into the stroller all while littles is sleeping. The heavy duty bike tires allow for rough terrain, the three wheels allows for easy maneuverability, cup holders, 2 storage compartments, one with a closing lid, the other is a large basket under the seat.  Easy to fold up and store. It’s lightweight makes it easy to put into you car or truck. Adjustable canopy on both the stroller and seat. It comes with a base for your vehicle and a lock tab for the seatbelt. It also has the quick connectors for easy car installation as well. I could just go and on. I am so happy with this product. Its by Baby Trend, the model is called Range Travel System. I bought it at Amazon.com for roughly $250.00. Car seat accommodates 5 to 30 lbs & up to 30″ in height.

8.  The Windi-by FridaBaby


These little guys are a life saver, not only for baby, but to relieve a new mom or dads stress. One day, totally out of the blue, not even right after eating, littles starts profusely crying and making grunting noises. I literally panicked, I had no idea why my littles was crying and not that normal cry, bright red faced almost screaming in pain kinda cry.  It wasn’t a diaper change or that he was hungry or too tight of diaper/clothes, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. With the grunting noises he was making I knew it had to be something like constipation or gas. I quickly run to his room, grab the box and start reading. One of our Aunts had given this to us and I had no reason to use it yet, so I knew what it was for, but nervous to try it. WOW!!! Instant relief!!! His poor little tummy/bum just couldn’t get out that built up gas on his own. No more crying, no more bright red face, now only laughter and smiles from little man, mom still trying to calm down and breathe from fear. Have this ready in your medicine cabinet for just that moment because you just never know! FridaBaby also makes a really cool snot sucker. I have not yet used this tool, I am sure I will soon, so more to come on that one.

9. Onsie, Onsie, Onsie!!!-    Yes, we all know what these are and truly, you just can’t get enough of these! For the first few months of your babies life, they will poop, pee and spit up all over that super cute outfit you just put him in. Right as your heading out the door too! I bought short sleeved and long sleeved onesies, probably about 100 of those things in all different sizes!! Left some to Grammys house, a few in the diaper bag, a few in each car, a couple at work and one in my coat pocket. You never know whats going to happen and when, so be prepared is best. I started using bibs at about 2 months, when I finally realized that we were going through like 4 outfits a day, LOL.  I leave the bib on for about 20 mins after feeding and it helps wonders to keep littles clean and dry. Especially around the neck area, when milk travels from the mouth down the chin and get stuck in those little neck creases, so make sure to clean that area often!

10. Once Upon A Child-   This really isn’t an item per se, but I wanted to throw this out there too as it has also been super helpful. It’s just a gently used baby store, but they have everything and at half the cost or less. You can take your gently used items and turn them in for cash or credit to buy other items. They sell clothing, toys, organizers, cribs, bassinets, high chairs, jumpers, excersaucers, play mats, Boppy’s, strollers, bath tubs, jeesh, I can just go on and on. They will even let you purchase an item and if baby doesn’t like it, bring it back in for a full refund. I find this helpful, for certain items that Im not sure if littles will like it or not. So far, he loves everything (bless his little heart) You can purchase 10 onesies for $10!!!  I really like this store and hope to get the word out. There is not always a need to spend top dollar for an item that baby will only use for a few months, save that money and go gently used!! Once Upon A Child is located at 6015 S. Virginia St in Reno, in the Whole Foods shopping center. They are open everyday!


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