Up and Over the Bump!


How shall I start this. Once upon a time……. No! In the beginning…………..Definitely not!    So, one Saturday afternoon the hubby and I are at the store and I notice that there is something running down my leg. I happened to be sipping on  a delicious slushy with nerds from Sonic, so the possibility of it being all over the front of me, isn’t far fetched, especially with a basketball sized belly going on! Off to the restroom I went. Nope, all clear of slushy! I hurry the hubby up and we take off for home, but yet again, on the ride there, a wetness that is more pronounced than before. We get home and I think I need to lay down as I had been running around all morning doing errands. But the weirdo in me, stops in front of the washing machine and I see a load of shirts that need to be washed. I bend over to pick them up and what do you know, yet again another rush of wetness. I know from the birthing class that we took, that pregnant woman don’t usually have incontinence. I think the fear of knowing exactly what was going on, lead me down the denial path. I was only at 36 weeks. I grabbed my hospital bag and the babys bag. I grab the car seat and load us all into the car, off we go! We pull up to St Mary’s Hospital, I get out, ignore the guy trying to tell us something about the car and where to park, his mouth was moving but no words do I hear. Up to the second floor we go, I don’t stop the door from closing to let an elderly lady in. I am mentally panicking but not trying to show it, as my hubby is calm as long as I am. I check myself in, I give the nurse the skinny and into a gown I go. After the nurse checks me out, she tells me that my water is leaking. She quickly calls the “On Call” doctor and in a few mins, I meet Dr. Perry. Not my doctor, but a food server will do at this point, I need some answers. I am told that there is risk of infection, if something is coming out, then something can go in. EW! She lets me know that my baby will born some time this weekend, they have a 48 hour window before they are concerned for infection. I am perturbed as I feel nothing. After a conversation on what will happen with our stay at the hospital and what to expect. The hubby turns to the nurse and with confusement asks her if I get to leave soon. I look over at him with my usual rolling of the eyes that the hubby hates so much and say NO, were having a baby this weekend! He looks shocked yet composed. Off he goes to move the car and call his mom.

After waiting and getting a heavy dose of oxytocin ( a drug used to induce labor) we play more of the waiting game and see if contractions start.  Now, were into Sunday afternoon with no advancement. I am given my epidural to be ahead of the game and not feel the “soon to come” contractions. *NOTE* After being given the epidural, I could not feel a thing. I could have had my legs chopped off and I would be none the wiser. I felt nothing, but almost a weird body high experience. Kinda cool! All day Sunday I went with giving myself an occasional bump on the epidural. They give you a little button that controls your drug flow, give that baby a little press and off to la la land we go. I did go in and out of sleep with the Dr checking in on me about every couple of hours. By this time it was rounding the 48 hour mark and with no advancement. I am told that I will not be able to give birth vaginally and am being prepped for a c-section ( I don’t think I have to explain this procedure, but if you are unaware, Google it) The hubby is given scrubs to wear and I am rushed off to be prepped for surgery. I am freaking out and upset at this point, concerned for my babies well being.  There are truly no words to describe what goes on in that room. From the way they get you from one bed to the surgery table,  all the doctors looking the same as they are all in blue scrubs and face masks. I am given more drugs and a huge curtain goes up. The rest of the details I will leave out, I am sure you can imagine, but its nothing like you imagine. The room fills with a loud shriek and I know a baby is born. I look over to see the most wonderful, most exciting and most beautiful thing I have ever seen………….my son!ItsABoyBooties

So over the bump I go and straight into motherhood and WOW what a rush! Not only from the feeling of giving birth, but there is this little life in my hands that looks like a perfect mix of the hubby and myself. A soul that was created out of love. As I hold him and look into his precious little face, I know my whole life has changed and the future along with it. The next few days at the hospital is all about learning how to care for the lil one. Changing diapers, feeding, how to hold him, bathing and swaddling. Some of those things I have done in the past with my nieces, but it had been awhile. A word of advice ladies, listen and love your lactation consultant, if you plan to breast feed, she will be a life saver and you’ll want to take her home, so listen well!! All of the nurses and pretty much all of the staff that work in the delivery and postpartum area of the hospital know how to handle a baby and can help with any questions that you may have. They will also be life savers as the questions and opinions build up quickly. Write them down if you need to like I did. The information will be overwhelming and you’ll kick yourself for forgetting.

Check in with me next time as I spill the beans on do’s and don’t of being a first time mom. I will give you the low down on some things that I took upon myself to do my way and sometimes things just have to get done and its not always the politically correct way. But of course, if you know me. Im not conventional by any means. So if your a real person like me, you’ll appreciate that I did it and so can you!  Live, love and have a baby in Nevada ( You’ll love it)



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