Nevada Baby Bump….. Part Two

Prego5-4-15Summer is almost here, but by the weather, it may be closer than you think. That’s how I am feeling these days. In the back of my mind, I feel like our little one will be here sooner than expected. As you know, this is the first for me and the Hubs, so we have no idea, but my intuition tells me to be ready sooner than we think. Which is just fine by me, as long as there is a healthy, happy baby, I’m ready. More than ready 🙂

My tummy is growing like crazy, as fast as those weeds in the yard are building up! The one thing that I do notice about being 7 months pregnant is that mentally I want to do what I am used to doing on a daily basis or when the weekend is here, but physically, cannot. This is hard to deal with, but I have learned from someone very wise, I need to pick what isn’t important and what is. I need to let some of those “unimportant” things go! Like the dam weeds! I am bummed that I won’t be able to get my garden going as I had intended, so maybe just a few plants this year and not the 400 sqft garden I originally wanted. But I am happy to get outdoors and do what I can. Sometimes, I can be very stubborn, but don’t tell anyone!

I’m right at the 30 week mark, so 10 weeks left to go!!! The time is flying by so fast. I have been blessed that things are going so well these days! Lot’s of good energy, no nausea, feeling like myself, but with a basketball tied to my stomach! I am sleeping OK, a little uncomfy, mostly if I eat too much in the evening. My back and hips do get a bit sore, only because I am laying on either side, all night and being a back sleeper is tough, but it’s doable! Once I get up and move around, I feel much better. Being active has saved my life, no bloating or swelling up. Plenty of walks and gym time throughout the week. I try to incorporate both sitting and walking, so that my body gets best of both. Baby loves when Mom is active, I truly believe that our baby will appreciate me being active and maybe baby will be too!! I could use a friend to go on hikes with! Drinking plenty of water and keeping hydrated is also harder than I thought! How many of you actually drink 64 oz of water in a day? I don’t think I did even before being pregnant, so its a nice change. My skin is healthier, my digestive system is happier, so there is something to say about guzzling down all that water!

The one project that is important to me, is getting the nursery finished. I need a place for my little one to be. It’s their own personal, little safe place to be when resting or playing. The nursery has gone from Mother in law’s room, to spare room, to the dog’s room, to now the baby’s room. Below are some before and after pics of the room. It is really coming together and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Calm, sweet, slightly sophisticated should keep the little one happy for years to come. We didn’t have to spend a lot on it. Most of the items, I either made or found off Craigslist. ( Love that Craig guy) I was so lucky to receive a bunch of clothing, newborn up to a year, from a girlfriend at work. Once I opened the box she gave me, I realized just how much stuff was in there and probably won’t have to buy clothes for quite a while. Thank You Val, Taylor, Katie, Blair & Abby for all the goodies, love ya ladies!!!!


Heart Art- Heart shaped with flat head nails, string yarn around till finished. Added initials for personalization. Made by Maea Benton


Pallet Shelving- Stained with apple cider vinegar soaked with steel wool. Made by Maea Benton


An old dresser I bought off Craigslist, painted it Neptune Blue. Re-vamped the knobs with DIY Rock Knobs. Made by Maea Benton


DIY Rock Knobs. Grabbed some rocks the Hubs and I have gathered over the years, attached flat head bolts to them with Epoxy. Let dry and voila, fun knobs for the dresser. Made by Maea Benton


A glider chair, made comfy with pillow and throw blanket. We’ve had this coffee table for awhile, painted it Hills of Ireland Green. Makes a nice spot to relax or when feeding. Made by Maea Benton


Above the crib, some vintage VW pictures we have been collecting. Not 100% finished with this. Going to fill in the holes.

The second most important project was getting our spare bathroom finished as well. I’m not sure if I told you or showed you, but the bathroom was a very scary metallic blue and the sight of it was always weird and confusing and just unpleasant. With my brain and body being on overtime with hormones, I had to take care of this problem. So up went a fresh coat and color of paint. New lighting fixture and new accessories to make this bathroom complete. After all, we do have guests come into our home and I needed it to be comfortable for everyone. My parents, sister and her family are due in right as the baby will be born, so to have them comfortable in my home, is important to me! More info and pics to come on the bathroom soon!!

Saving the best news for last!………………..drum roll please……………………We are proud and excited to announce that our baby will be a………………………..BOY!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!  Both the hubby and myself couldn’t be happier. We both were looking forward to a happy baby boy. In my family, girls are so dominant, which is fine. But, I am not a hair, make upy, dress up, glittery, Barbie kinda girl. So having a little rough and tough boy is right up my alley! The Hubs needs a little man that he can teach how to ride dirt bikes, build forts and get muddy with. Teach him how to “potty,” how to talk to girls one day and shoot the shit with. Mom needs a strong, masculine guy, who loves his mom, loves to help cook and clean, bring bugs into the house and shows me how mud pies are made. Someone that can take the dogs for a walk and someone who wants to fish or just chill with. Not that girls can’t do any of that stuff, but boys are geared for garage messes, grease and cleaning fish guts! A little boy for us to love and for our dogs to love him too!! It balances out the two wonderful girls my sister has. I love all hues of blue and green, football, exhaust and the desert, so a little man is going to be perfect for us!

One of the scariest things to me about him coming into the world, is first, how he’ll be getting here! Labor sounds like a nightmare and having a c-section isn’t that much better. So plenty of learning, online info and a class or two should “help” in that department, but I know, it will be nothing even close to what I have waiting for me, AAAHHHHH!!!!!  Once he is here, making sure that both the Hubs and I are on the same page about things. Making sure that were good parents and can give our son the best life we possibly can. Giving him the very best of everything and making sure he is brought up right, with respecting and loving others! The hubby is an amazing partner, but doesn’t do all that well with blood, needles and hospitals, so hopefully, he won’t pass out 🙂  He will be an amazing father, just as he is a husband! He works so hard for us and always puts us first. That’s how I know I really lucked out having him at my side, he is the love of my life and will be for our baby boy. I can’t wait to see his reaction when the baby’s born, I’m sure he will cry. Just saying all of that makes me want to cry! Next big step, is getting the dogs used to the baby as well. Hearing him cry, crawling and walking. Trying to be equal between the dogs and the newborn. The last thing I want is for our dogs to “get left behind” or feel unloved as their is a new being in the house. I need for all of us to be a happy family, which includes our 4 legged kids as well. I see my household becoming a mini zoo here shortly and I’m definitely OK with that! Humans, fish, a gecko and dogs, jeesh!

I know your probably very curious about his name and well to be honest, we are going to save his name until he is born. We have an idea what we would like to name him, but I won’t share till were absolutely 100%, so sorry guys, the name will have to wait. But I will share some names that we like, but didn’t make the cut. Mason,Jax,Jaxson,Greyson,Lucas and Locklyn. I never knew how hard it is to name your baby. A good tip that I was given was to wait till we see the baby and then have the selected names that you like ready, so when you see him, a name might make more sense. It’s not like you would name a new dog before you get or see him, right?!  My due date is June 29th and I am counting down the days. I feel like making one those Xmas chains like when you were a kid and everyday closer to Xmas, you remove one chain, remember those?! That’s how I feel 🙂

I will keep you updated with how I am doing and progressing. More pics and fun information. Enjoy becoming a parent all while living and loving in Nevada!!!



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