Bite This Town……..South Side

Spring is in the house and it’s shaping up to be a great weekend. But the only thing that can start it off right, is a great bite to eat. You might have tried the one downtown located in the Sands, but a new one has risen and it might be a strong contender with some of the other joints in the area. I’m talking, The Original Mel’s Diner a new location has opened up off of Damonte Ranch Parkway in the Walmart shopping center. It is in the old Heidi’s building.

This morning we happily awaited trying out this retro diner food experience. First, some background history. Mel Weiss and Harold Dobbs,  joined forces and together they opened up their first car hop in San Francisco in 1947. Speed it up 20 years later and The Mel’s chain grows to over 40 chains located in the Northern California areas. Feeding millions of hungry people gathering for that traditional Mel’s good food and fun. It was in 1972 that George Lucas introduced us to the hit movie, “American Graffiti” that was filmed at the original San Fran location. Since that time, Mel’s has been part of another one of Hollywood’s productions the hit show, “Alice” and is a feature of Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. More locations have since opened up and even into Nevada! Reno is blessed with two of them. I have personally been in the Sands location diner. I must say that it is a neat and eclectic place to grab some grub. Make sure you have change on you, because you’ll want to load up that Jukebox with old favorites. It’s brightly filled with neon lights,old posters and food memorabilia. They have the traditional stainless steel counter with it lined on the kitchen walls. The staff always is friendly and there open 24 hours.

I have not been into the south location yet, but surely, I’ll make my way over there. But for today, breakfast served in bed, well in the office anyway. They have a pretty good menu with all the favorite breaky items. Steak N eggs, chicken fried steak, tons of omelets and scrambles, biscuits and gravy. Eggs bene, breakfast burritos and sammies. The lunch menu is filled with so many burger options, sammies, chili, fries, shakes and yummy apps. Dinner is the same way, nightly specials, pork chops, steak & shrimp, prime rib, deep-fried chicken. Soups, salads, and let’s not forget, desserts for everyone! Who doesn’t love a sundae or banana split ( you’re lying if you say “I don’t”)

Going totally outside my norm, probably because I have those crazy pregnancy cravings. I decided to order the 6oz New York strip, cooked medium. Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and one pancake for the side. I must say it was pretty damn good. The steak was a nice small piece of protein power, cooked the way I asked and tender. Eggs, cant go wrong with a little cheddar on them, they gave me a small side of their Mel’s potatoes, its red potatoes with green onions tossed right in. The pancake was fluffy and moist, I’m normally not a pancake “enjoyer” but today, it was wonderful! Buttery and syrupy, if your going to do, do it right!  Some of the other employees ordered the corned beef and hash. I did sneak a bite or two of it and compared to a lot of the restaurants that do this dish, I happened to like this one the most so far and here is why. I enjoy corned beef, but not the canned shit and not when its diced up into little flakes of meat that are burned to a crisp. I want nice wholesome chunks of meat with diced potatoes. Not mushy taters either. I rarely find this made this way, maybe its me, but it does exist as I have had it only twice when eating out. Or I make it that way at home! Their omelets were good-sized with fresh fillings. Fruit was crisp, fresh and sweet, just like fruit should be and NOT canned fruit, jeesh people, I can buy it that way and not spend the $2.99 that a restaurant will charge for that item. One of the guys had a burger and said it was bomb! Real ground beef, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion all on a lightly toasted sesame seed bun. Side of cheese fries, put this over the top, yum! They took the time to label everything properly, just like we need it to be.

Mels1                               Mels2

For being a newly opened location, they don’t fall short of the food they’re preparing to be new. I know they have the other locations to learn from, but sometimes a new location, there can be kinks and hiccups. They were super friendly to talk to and I feel that if I were to be eating there, the experience would be just as awesome!

If you happen to live in that part of town, go ahead and stop on by. Check out there menu before you go at

It’s awesome to me to live in this great city where we have so many choices when it comes to food. Get out there and try something out of your little box, you’ll be surprised at what’s being served out there. Thanks Mel’s for making today a great breakfast day, we do appreciate it, now let’s get this weekend thing going already!!  Enjoy eating, loving and getting “To Go” orders in Nevada. Happy Friday Everyone!!!



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