Nevada Baby Bump

I’m running around the dessert, barefoot, its a warm late summer morning. I’m shoveling the dirt to make room for this years garden. I’ve got a wide brimmed gardening hat on, gloves, flip flops.  Even have some music in the background. I’m fiercely tired and in need of a drink of water. I gently try to stand up but the extra weight has me held down, oh yeah, I’m almost 6 months pregnant! Jeesh, that’s why I’m so out of breathe for very little work.

Yep, that’s right, your queen of the Nevada Desert has been mom-da-fied. Well, soon to be anyways.  Surprise for all those unaware, this is my coming out. Suppose, I have been a little hush hush about this amazing time, just been a bit selfish I suppose. But I can’t explain how excited and nervous I feel, including the hubby. This is our first, so the experience is truly unreal! From going from a single lady, getting married and now a lil one. All I can think about is what our future is going to be like. I am so used to just doing my own thing all the time, that I had to start thinking from the perspective of a new mom, tightening the reins if you will.

Let me catch you up on what has been going on. So, I found out a week after my birthday(October). What a nice birthday surprise for us. It seemed that everything I was used to in that moment, Stopped. No alcohol, no weekend ciggie poo, even my cursing has subsided, well OK, slightly. But I felt this need at that exact moment to be on the right track for a healthy first pregnancy. I started taking prenatal vitamins daily, drinking more water than I ever had before. Really trying to have a even better diet than I already do. Just anything that I did not consider healthy or safe. I asked a few girlfriends and my insurance company for a good recommendation for a OBGYN, or baby doctor, made an appointment for the soonest they had. I wanted to get established with their office and get some questions answered. I decided on Dr Corrine Capurro at Alpine’s Woman Health, located at St. Mary’s Hospital.  The minute that I met her, I knew she was amazing. Honest, down to earth, good sense of humor, and overall, we connected and that was super important for me. Someone that I can ask questions and opinions and feel comfortable with, after all, she will be introducing our little one to the world.

The first trimester for me was fairly easy from other stories that I have heard. Very little morning sickness, and if there was, it was mainly quezy feeling with none of the vomiting. I had pretty decent energy, I still worked out on a daily basis, but just took it a bit easier. I did feel pretty tired towards the end of the day, some nights, I went to bed as early as 6:00pm. Poor hubby did not eat that well some nights, as I was just not up to making the normal dinner that were used to. Some scents bothered me, especially room sprays or air fresheners. I wasn’t emotional like you hear. Some nights, I found myself craving french fries, gross, I am not a french fry fan, not even now, just a weird craving phase I suppose. When I needed to eat, watch out, because I would push an elderly person down to get a bite to eat! I had to start being smart and carrying around not only water, but snacks too. I bought a couple of baby books to read, What to Expect While Your Expecting, this is a great book, super informative and gave me peace of mind on topics I was curious about. I bought First Time Father for Dummies for the hubby, a nice read from a male perspective. Once the first trimester came to an end and things got more serious from there. Now were shopping for cribs, car seats, stroller and the ever so intimidating, Breast Pump, yikes! Since, I am uber organized and like to be ahead of things, in my mind, I needed to have that clarity and that comfort feeling that everything was going to be ready for our baby, even if it was only the third month 🙂

The second trimester was off to an even better start. We got an ultrasound performed at one of our appointments, crazy to see that little one taking shape. We opted to see a Perinatal expert at Perinatal & Associates here in Reno, by Renown Hospital. They specialize in all sorst of new and amazing tests. Genetic & birth defect testing were the ones we were curious about. Simple blood or saliva tests can result in knowing if there is anything in either my or the hubby’s genetics that are something we should be concerned about such as down syndrome, cleft palate, trisomy and a bunch of others. We don’t have any family history of any defects, but its worth it to have it checked out anyways. All of those tests for us came back negative, so that was a nice piece of information to lay to rest. No concerns there! You can opt to not have those test done, unless your doctor feels that they are necessary. They were the office to give us a bad ass 3D photo of baby and also let us know the sex of the baby, more on that will come in due time 🙂 I was still eating right, working out which my Dr said was just fine and would help me and my body after the baby comes. More energy than the first trimester and not so tired in the evenings, so that’s a big bonus, because I am not the sitting around kinda girl. I couldn’t if I tried! Dinners were back up to where they used to be, I just felt great inside and out. I didn’t get much of a belly until about the 4/5 month. Once it came in, man did it come in. It’s like waking up with a basketball under your shirt. I went out and bought a fancy pregnancy pillow for better comfort in bed at night. I had been tossing and turning and using decorative bed pillows to prop my belly and put between my knees, super annoying when you can only lay on your sides.

I am starting to feel the baby move around in there, little bubbles and odd feeling movements, no predominant kicks, just little slight movements. Kinda weird, but there are times that I freak out a bit, when I don’t feel those movements, then 2 seconds later, Op there you are. It’s going to be weird when the baby comes and there aren’t those movements anymore. I’m not quite yet to the maternity clothing buying stage yet, I swear that I have raided my closet of all the loose fitting shirts and leggings have been my best friend these days, good thing I own hundreds to keep me still looking cute and presentable everyday. It’s just not me to be in sweats and an over sized T everyday. But coming up here soon, I might have to give in and try out one of those hideous pairs of maternity jeans, yuck, sorry to be rude about it, but I am not a jeans fan, nor am I of jeans and a giant stretchy waste band, but we’ll see.

The nursery is coming along fabulously, repainted the walls, I made an awesome piece of artwork to hang up, I made some book shelves out of pallets that I got from work. I also made a seashell mobile to hang over the crib. I guess my theme is more neutral, relaxed and comfortable. Not gobs of blue or monkeys everywhere. Hubby says it doesn’t need to look like a nursery from Better Homes & Gardens. (hahahahaha, he knows me too well) We got a cool crib with changing table. Bought a stroller car seat combo. Pack n play, high chair and a few other things. I mostly bought gently used items or scored items from girlfriends. If you know me, you know I’m frugal. If it doesn’t need to be new, then used it is. The crib mattress is new and the stroller/car seat. I asked my sister who has two girls to send me their baby things. Neutral colored items are fine and I’m not big on themed nurseries or clothes that are too baby if you know what I mean. I feel lucky and blessed that we have wonderful friends and family around us to help and be supportive. (Thanks Guys!)  Both of our families are so excited and so happy for us, it’s about time ya know. I’m ready for this next phase of my life! We plan on having a baby shower here in the next month or so. I made a list a while back of items that we need to purchase, everyday, I am surprised with goodies from friends that I never had even thought about.

I am nearing the end of the second trimester here in a few weeks and man, I am already ready for baby to be here. The hubby and I do know the sex of our little one, and have a name almost picked out, but were saving that for a little bit later on. I will have posts on what the nursery looks like and more info here coming up. Till then, I hope you enjoy living, loving and becoming a parent in Nevada!




One thought on “Nevada Baby Bump

  1. Oh Maea, I really enjoyed reading your blog! I love hearing how you are both progressing along in this new adventure called Family! Love all the details! Can’t wait for photos and baby Bentons official name!
    Love you both!

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