Bite This Town…….Downtown

Friday is here and its crazy windy outside, so what better way to celebrate than with some yummy breakfast. We tried a new restaurant in town for our Friday Breaky. Some of you may have heard of it and some of you may have eaten here before as well. I have not had the chance too and I’m pretty bummed out that I have not made a trip over there yet. Chef and owner, Mark Estee is the best of the best and we are lucky to have him in Reno. Under his belt are two great restaurants making waves in Reno. Campo & Reno Provisions.

Today we had breakfast from Reno Provisions. WOW! What a nice change to the normal breakfast that were all used to. Still serving eggs, bacon and sausage, this is a cleaner plate of food. The cafeteria style presentation does not fall short to cafeteria style food. It is just a presence, not a down grade of food by any means. There are no grumpy ladies with hair nets, slopping what looks like food on a tray. They serve, only real food here, only the best, local farm to table food. YES, food that is actually food. Meats that are treated with love and kindness, no hormones or upset cows or pigs here! Veggies that are farm grown and in our neighborhood. Eggs that are real eggs, not liquified and not from a container. Reno Provisions, brings to Reno, what we were missing, FOOD, GOOD FOOD!

The breakfast menu consists of some pretty special items. They are not an IHOP or a Denny’s, so no greasy spoons and plates here! The Cafeteria Tray is eggs, potatoes, choice of breakfast meat, side of fruit, side of superfood salad. There is a breakfast sammy, breakfast burrito, veggie salads, quiche, yogurts, fruit and smoothies. Fresh, clean and wholesome foods. It’s such a nice change to eat a good breakfast and not feel like my tummy is hurting afterwards from a plate of shit! Quite honestly, there are not too many places in Reno that do it right. What is the superfood salad you ask, well this breakfast gem is just whats needed on a Friday morning to get your day started off right! It has kale, quinoa, garbanzo beans, beets, lentils and sunflower seeds. It’s a true treat in the morning that not only tastes amazing, but is good for you, who’d a thought?! My eggs were nicely dressed with beautiful white cheddar cheese. The sausage, let’s talk sausage for a minute. Now, I am a fan of sausage, but this is not sausage, this is like some crazy concoction of meat and spices shaped like a sausage. It is the BEST sausage I have ever had. Even the color looks amazing, no color added dyes here people. You know those little sausages that were all used to. Well take that image, crumble it and never look back. The taste is unlike another other, it is just wonderful. Same with the bacon, thin, cooked to perfection, hardly any fat and just a great flavor. Buying bacon will never be the same again! I need to have these items always stocked in my fridge, ALWAYS! Did I mention that the food is local? Did you ever think that here in Nevada we could have food grown this amazing! That’s what sets these restaurants apart, real local food! I also ordered a cheesy blueberry danish as a treat for after lunch. This beautiful pastry is everything a girl could ask for. Its beautiful, sweet, sugary, cheesy and packed full of sweet blueberries. The pastry chef at Reno Provisions deserves to be congratulated as this treat is 100% BOMB! Delicately twisted in its Danish form, it is a true testament to a really great baker!

Other people went with the breakfast burrito, kindly wrapped in a spinach tortilla, meat of your choice, potatoes, eggs, cheese, avocado, sour cream and pico de gallo merry together to make this burrito full of flavor. The breakfast sammy looked just as amazing, eggs, cheese, choice of meat, on choice of bread. It’s a sammy, but made with L.O.V.E.  Bear claws, muffins, scones, sausage rolls, croissants, all varieties of cookies are just a few other pastries that they offer. Making it very hard to choose one. When using real, fresh ingredients, its hard to choose one of anything.

They also have a grocery store where some of the items can be purchased. Artisanal spreads, cheeses and condiments, house made baked goods, meats, pasta and veggies all make up their retail market. I am told that pretty much all of their items are made in house and all ingredients are local. They are believers of D.R.O.P.P ( Distributors of Regional and Organic Produce and Products) There fresh veg comes farms all in our local vicinity!

RenoProvisions1                           RenoProvisions2

I need to get my butt over to Campo as well, their menu looks just as amazing and tantalizing. Mark Estee and his team really know how to perfect already good food, making it the best it can be! Check out both of their full menus here:       

They both are conveniently located in Downtown Reno, Campo, right on the river and Reno Provisions is on Sierra, facing Silver Peak Brewery. What a nice snuggled down town location, prefect for walking around, people watching and some good food. Be sure to stop by as their libation menu is just as colorful. Hope that you enjoyed this go around of truly awesome food in Nevada. Be sure to check back next week. Enjoy your weekend, all while loving to dine in Nevada!



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