Heart Breakers )))——->

Oh how the smell of love is in the air, flower bouquets are being made by the dozens. Chocolate filled, coated everything.  Caramel dripped and dipped shaped ornaments. Cards being stocked on the shelves for all to have. Restaurants booked with couples for a night of romance. AH, how love can make people do the craziest things!

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us and before you know, the 7-11’s, the corner flower guys, men & woman running into the grocery stores, all to grab that last minute gift for their loved ones. How funny that holidays can make us a bit stressed out sometimes. So much pressure on getting the right gift or getting in to that one restaurant. It’s great to splurge and really try hard to make your loved ones Valentine’s feel special. In honor of this yearly tradition. I have a few ideas for getting the great same reaction, but not breaking the bank to do so. It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about the thought put behind the creating of a wonderful evening or day.

I personally love home made gifts. I don’t want or even need a Tiffany’s necklace or pearl earrings. I am not into hoity toity restaurants where the main course is a small artsy plate of food that looks to beautiful to eat. I want to spend time with my husband, simple! If it’s making a wonderful dinner together in our own kitchen, going for a nice walk downtown with a cup of hot chocolate or even on our couch, snuggled together watching a movie. Maybe its me getting older these days, but the need or even a thought, to spend a bunch of money on some random items aren’t really my thing. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting a new vacuum for Valentine’s Day, especially if we needed it, that to me, is way better than a shiny stone on my finger. Don’t get me wrong, of course I wouldn’t mind it, but it’s not that important to me. So if you have similar feelings. I have listed a few fun ideas that will keep you grounded and more focused on each other.

Depending upon how the weather is in your area on Feb 14th, gathering some cheeses, some delicate meats, crackers or bread, fruit, a bottle of wine, utensils and a blanket. Throw them all into a basket and take your partner to a romantic picnic at the park or on the beach. Eating, talking, maybe listening to some music is a wonderful way to connect. Bring along some fresh cut flowers, woo him or her with a hand written poem and some chocolates. Now this is where the magic happens. When shopping for these items, make sure to get their all time favorite chocolate. Not the same ole plain jane kind, that really good, special kind. Maybe it can only be purchased online or at a specialty store. The wine, doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe that wine that they said they really liked at a friends house recently. Or maybe the bottle you’ve been saving from your last special occasion. Get the flowers that she had at your wedding or the ones that they pointed out, on walk you went for awhile back. Play the song that you first danced to. Talk about how you two have grown up together and where you’ve come. These little details are what sets a date apart from a really awesome, memorable date! Remembering the small things, go a long way, trust me!

In Reno, we have a culinary school called Nothing To It. They are amazing here! Laura Ritchie is one of the head chefs who brings knowledge and creativity to this awesome little school. On Feb 14th at 6:00pm, they are offering A Couples Love Bites cooking class. The cost is $150.00 for two people. Couples will get a chance to cook in the kitchen together making sumptuous plates with dimmed lights, candles and flowing champagne. See them at: http://www.nothingtoit.com/index.asp?page=calendar. I think this is a cute and fun idea. Get the romance sparked up with some good food.Who knows where the evening will lead from there!

At the Grand Sierra Hotel, they have this really cute, kinda vintage style movie theater. If you’ve never been there, they have a full snack bar and love seats, perfect for couples to snuggle up to each other while watching the newest flick. It’s more of cozy movie theater and you can always grab a bite to eat, a couple rounds of Black Light Bowling, maybe play a hand or two all while sipping on some fun cocktails. Inexpensive and all in one location, you can have lots of fun. Check their website for other fun activities and dinner and show packages. http://www.grandsierraresort.com/

If your thinking of heading downtown, there are a lot of happening and romantic placed to go. There are so many restaurants to choose from, all types of food with all types of budgets! Campo, Wild River Grille, Harrah’s Steakhouse, Kokopellis Sushi, The Roxy and tons of others. A lot of casinos have  hotel/dinner and show packages, comedy clubs, night clubs and wine tastings. Catch a movie or even go for a horse drawn carriage ride. Maybe take a stroll along the river with a nice hot chocolate, kissing and holding hands! Some of the bars have live bands playing that night, some even for free. Also, Reno’s annual Valentine’s Pajama Crawl, The coziest night out, ever! Dressing in one-sizes or comfy PJ’s. Roughly costing $20 per person, starting out at The Waterfall on West Second st, you’ll have fun bar hopping to each designated bar with libations being served into your already purchased cup. Similar to our infamous Zombie or Santa Crawls. Just another fun inexpensive night of belligerent drinking ( what!?,no!, not this town!)

Not married yet, but wanting to tie that knot? What about getting hitched on Saint Valentine’s Day? If you didn’t already know, Reno has tons of wedding chapels. This one happens to be at the lake at  Northstar California Ski Resort, offering free first time weddings or couples wanting to renew their vows. This is a group event starting at 2:00pm Saturday, with an afterwards celebration in their Cabanas, with live music and drink specials. Northstar will also be hosting a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and a Marathon Race.For more details check them out at http://www.northstarcalifornia.com   

If your not into going out and dealing with all the crowds of people,maybe staying in and making a lovely meal together sounds more up your alley. There are some great recipes that couples can do together that not only taste great, but a fun way to enjoy each others company. Take it a step further by doing this in a sexy chefs outfit or a hot little apron 🙂 (Hint Hint). Check out allrecipes.com or foodnetwork.com. You can find a romantic steak or fish dinner for two. Accompanied by roasted veggies, cauliflower mash or maybe getting wild and going with an international type dish like Pad Thai, Veal Piccata, Coq au vin, or maybe Peking Duck. Whatever foods your into or would like to try, Reno has a pretty decent selection of wonderful grocery stores. Try Trader Joes, Whole Foods or a new store that opened up, Natural Grocers. Even Scolaris and Raleys are great options for organic. Reno has a few awesome International Markets, with lots of Asian influence.

Now, let’s talk gifts. Flowers are great, but a house plant or garden plant are twice as nice. They wont die after a week or two and will look lovely in the house. Chocolates are great too, but what about making a chocolate fondue for two?  Making a chocolate treat isn’t that hard really. You’d be surprised at all the goodies you don’t have to buy anymore. Besides, playing and eating with chocolate could lead to somewhere else, if you catch my drift! check out this website for ideas and recipes to your favorite desserts! http://chocolatealchemy.com/chocolate-making-at-home-101/

Cards are best when home made and you write down your actual words and feelings. This adds more of a personal touch and is much more appreciated. Feel free to be funny, sentimental or just plain provocative. This is the holiday for that people, so don’t be shy! Moving on to crazier things. Lap Dances! This is not for strippers anymore gals! Men love hookers in the bedroom and a lady on the street! A hot, sexy lap dance or erotic dance for your partner goes a long way, he’ll be thinking about that time day and night! If you feel silly or not quite sure what to do. You can hop on the internet and YouTube will show you all the good moves. Or shoot, hit up a Strip Club and get some real life pointers!  Heels and a sexy outfit are a must. The Chocolate Walrus in the Midtown District can definitely help you out there! With tons of sexy gear and lots of toys to look at, maybe spice things up in the bedroom or better yet, get out of the bedroom! Suzie’s Adult Store is also great for fun sexy toys. Ever heard of Shake Rattle & Pole? These guys will come to you and teach you the almighty ways of the pole. Maybe get a group of gals together, get some good moves down and show the hubby what you learned. For guys, maybe read up on some new tips and tricks to show off in the love department. There is nothing wrong with rose petals and bubble bathes accompanied with champagne! Feeding you partner chocolates or just teasing a bit! WOW, is it getting hot in here?

Just a few tips that I think can help you out with the planning of your Valentine’s Day. Just remember to be yourself, be loving and be passionate! Do all of these things, all while loving in Nevada!



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