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It’s a bit before Friday, but since I missed last weeks posting, I wanted to share with you this little gem. I know that I don’t go into detail on the service or the actual dining experience, only because most of the time, we get the food to go. But I have been here and done that, so I decided to fill you in with some juicy details.

Well, it’s not so little anymore, with two locations to serve all your needs, they are making it pretty easy to love this place! Starting in about 30 years ago, they brought a fresh outlook on this ole town. Introducing fine wines, one of the largest Nevada Made- grocery products, gift baskets and treasures. Napa Sonoma also brings some of the best dining experiences to the Biggest Little City. With an extensive breakfast, lunch & dinner menu, they have something to suite all tastes.

This wonderful restaurant is a fancy bottle of champagne that didn’t cost you a fortune. Elegant, sophisticated, charming and comfortable, are all descriptive words that come to mind. The staff is more than professional, they are friendly, accommodating and on point. Back in the day, I have gotten sammies here for lunch time, then progressing forward into a dinner or two or three or four. Most recently I had another choice dinner with the hubs, his boss and the boss’ daughter (shes 6) Heading in after work on a Thursday, we decided on the South Reno location, just off of S.Virginia St & Huffaker. ( The old Austin’s location)

We were greeted nicely, sat right away, menus handed out, beverage orders being taken and lets not forget, the telling of the specials. That’s important for me, I personally do not want to stand in the way trying to read the specials, I prefer to be told by the server, that way questions can be asked. As a side note, I feel that when you write it down on a board and never say anything to the customer, the board sometimes can be hard to see/ read or you feel like you don’t have enough time to actually read it and take it all in. The specials can be the best dish their offering that evening and I don’t want to miss out.

Once returning with the drinks and what nots, we were ready to order. Myself and the boss’ daughter went with the mac n cheese, side of fruit, I had salad as my side, boss had chicken pot pie, hubs had the chicken caesar salad. Not too exciting of a dinner, you’d think, simple.  The mac n cheese was home made with white aged cheddar, BOMB! Little toasted parmesan crusts on the top! Simple, yet complex and such a filling evening dish when its cold outside. The pot pie was just the right serving size, fresh veg and juicey chicken with a creamy sauce. Same thing with the chicken caesar salad, fresh greens, juicey, grilled chicken, home made dressing that was just right. A shirely temple to wash it all down with, which I shared with the little one. It was such a pleasant dinner, not too filling, I walked out of there not wanting dessert, but feeling good! As we left, I looked around, everyone had a very beautiful, yummy looking dish in front of them. I knew I had to come back for more. The menu is well versed in all kinds of dishes, from apps like fresh home made hummus, cubed ahi, chipotle clams and crispy polenta cakes. Next round is sammies and salads, like a chicken caprese focaccia sandwich, oven roasted turkey, mango and avocado shrimp salad. Dinner is seared salmon, chicken piccata, sole with tomato relish, filet mignon and a bunch of different types of pizza. Desert is no failure with decedant carrot cake,chocolate fondue for two and my all time favorite, creme brulee. One of these dining times, I will order desert and eat it before my dinner! That is a promise!

In addition to that, my work decided that we all wanted to try their breakfast. I called them up and they had no problem getting us to go orders ready for that Friday. As usual, I passed around the menu and got it back promptly. Choices on the menu range from all kinds of omelettes like filet & mushroom, California shrimp, prime rib chili, or they can also be made into scrambles if you wish. They have eggs bene, classic style, veggie and a seafood croquette version. Croissant sammies, breakfast burritos and my choice was the chorizo, potato quesadilla. I was feeling extra hungry that Friday, so I added a side of sausage links 🙂   Everything was nicely labeled, ready to go with utensils and condiments at an arms reach. They are not too far from my work location, so everything was nice and fresh and still warm, as that can be a challenge sometimes with getting food to go. I loved the quesadilla that I got, it was flavorful, made on a nice soft wheat tortilla. Sausage links were large and in charge, grilled to perfection and juicy! Side of sour cream and salsa topped off my breakfast. Everyone else seemed to really like their dishes, a good group went with the California shrimp omelette and said that it was filled with good sized shrimp and plenty of them. The gravy had great flavor and complimented the country fried steak & eggs like they were meant to be. No negatives on this one. I’ve said it before, but when an entire office of 30+ people are dead silent for 10 mins, you know there’s good shit going on! The only little negative that I can say, is that two peoples breakfasts got forgotten. As in they never got made, so I nicely called up and inquired about them. The manager was so apologetic, he quickly had them made up and even drove them over here himself. And really with that many to go orders, something is bound to happen, but really, not a biggie at all, those people still loved their meal and waited maybe 15 mins extra for it.

quesadilla                                          sausagelinks

If I haven’t stressed enough about what a great place this is to shop and dine, you honestly need to sample it for yourself. Check out their menu here:  Pick your time of day and let the drooling begin. The two locations are at 550 W Plumb Lane in the Plumbgate Shopping Center and the south location, 7671 S Virginia St. In the shopping center with the newly remodeled Chevron. I hope that you enjoy the experience as much as I did. I love supporting the local places as much as possible. Especially when their pumping out some bomb ass food and wine, who’d say no to that! Continue on, eating well, being merry and loving eating and living in Nevada!



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