Get ready for the Big Bowl!

If you are a big football fan, then you already know what your plans are for this coming Sunday! That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again. The chilliness in the air, the smell of pigskin and crowds of people gathering into Sun Devil’s stadium, if you are lucky enough to be there. Most of us will go to either our favorite local bar or meet up at a friends house. We dress up in our favorite team jersey, maybe throw on some black under the eyes, grab our foam fingers and hit the couch. We have pre-show activities going on, maybe some outside football action of our own and my favorite part of all of this………………………..  the FOOD!

I like football alright, I don’t really have a favorite team or favorite color that I go by, I think I only own one jersey and its my local college 🙂  I usually just go with the team that is closest to the west coast (I’m not bias or anything) My hubby and his family are HUGE 49er fans, so if they are playing in the bowl, well then that’s a different story in my home. Best be wearing red and gold, grab all the foam fingers, noise makers and whatever decor I can grab from his already highly decorated man cave room of 49er paraphernalia. Get the TV warmed up and keep the yummy treats a comin!

About a week or two before hand, I like to Google local favorite foods of each city, this year being Seattle and New England.  Clam Chowder and Coffee? That is what first came to mind, but I know those cities have a lot more to offer. Into the depth of research I went! I personally have been to Seattle many times but never to New England or even that far east of Indiana. For me, I remember loving Pike’s Market and all the fresh seafood. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a fish thrown at you and you better catch it to avoid embarrassing yourself! Fresh fruits, locally made honey, cheeses and of course, even though I’m not a fan what soever, but when it Rome. A beautiful cup of iced coffee!

As for New England or that area of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island, there’s a bit more to work with here. A whole region of delectable foods to chose from. I found that, according to Yankee Magazine, food favorites range from pies, puddings, chowders, baked beans, johnny cakes, cheeses and lobster. A whole mess of favorites to drool over.  I have had all of those foods and it would be pretty hard to choose. Maybe a little bit of everything if that’s an option 🙂

So in spirit of this years Super Bowl, let the menu planning begin. I like to make a smorgasbord of a bunch of little bites. So this year, I am tossing up the idea of mini chowder bowls, a thick and creamy consistency makes these little baked beauties really come together. Mini shrimp po boys, little fried shrimp sammies, with lettuce and tomato. A crock pot of sweet and savory baked beans, fresh baked  salted mini pretzels with mustard dipping sauce, mini kraut dogs with all the fixins’ and some garlic parmesan fries with chopped parsley. For a nice sweet treat, spiced coffee ice cream and mini pecan pies topped with whipped cream! Now, what to drink? Beer, or a fun cocktail? Hhhhhmmmm?  Ah! Red beer! Better known as Michelada.  It’s Sunday after all, so a change up from a Bloody Mary sounds fun! Your favorite beer such as Budwesier, Miller, Corona, Sol, Pacifico or Modelo. Add Clamato or your own favorite spiced tomato juice, squeeze of lime, salted rim pint glass and in front of you now sits one the most refreshing beer concoctions you’ll ever try! Most of these snacks can be prepped the day before and last minute things done on Sunday.


Don’t get too overboard with making food, you also, want to enjoy the game and friends. This is will a great game, played in the Sun state, plenty of smiles will be going around. Plenty of cheering and booing! But no one will be booing the yummy treats that you decide to come up with. Or make it easy, take out pizza, bread sticks, chips & dips and some cookies and call it good! It is supposed to be a fun time, not a stressful one 🙂

At, I found a slew of fun games that can be played all while watching the game and during commercials. Challenge your guests to a Football Tossing Contest, play this outdoors and whomever throws the football the furthest wins. Don’t say football or you have to take a shot or drink, this can be fun, but also a bit dangerous for some. If there are kiddos around, a fun game of Hot Football is always fun, just like the Hot Potato game, but using a football instead. There’s always the Corn Hole game using football shaped bean bags, highest score wins. Or just simply grab that football, take it outside and start your own Super Bowl game 🙂

With plenty to get ready for and plenty of fun to be had this weekend. Hope that your football Sunday is a fun and memorable one! Enjoy eating and cheering all while living in Nevada!



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