Bite this Town Returns……..

BurgerMe   It definitely has been tooooo loooooong since my last foodie post. As you well know, at my job, because we are so fuckin’ awesome, our super awesome employer buys us all breakfast every Friday. We get the food “to go” and enjoy eating it at the comforts of our desks and get to work while enjoying a nice bite to eat.

In my foodie posts, I usually don’t comment to much on the environment of the restaurant or the service because we don’t get that part of the experience, we just get to eat, which to me is the best part. So my comments are based 100% off the food and if I do comment on the other things, it is because I have been there many times. To me, the reason why we eat out, is for the food and usually food that you don’t tend to make at home, so let’s cut the BS, cut out the wall colors and the flooring and get down to the important part. I can’t really think of a time, that I have said, “let’s go to Annies Eatery because the ambiance is so nice or the waitress there is the best.” Ya know!?

For the past few months, we have been eating at the norm places for us, which are places that I have already told you about. Nothing new and also nothing special has happened that I need to comment on. This week, the first working Friday of the New Year and we decided to try a new spot, that has just come on to the scene here in Reno. Hamdogs.

As they started out about 20 years ago in Gardnerville, I was not too familiar with them but was happy to try a new spot. With their motto being, “Everyone eats at Hamdogs,” we were all pretty excited to try it out. The menu is large and has a great selection of breakfast foods, lunch and dinner. They are opened 24 hours a day and never close. So its nice getting a menu that has such varieties, especially if your going to be open all day and night long, you need to have choices to feed people at all times of day. And if you know me by now, I’m not a big fan of typical breaky foods, so I personally love it even more.

Hamdogs are especially known for their Santa Maria open pit style, “live”  red oak BBQ, thus giving them a reputation for grilled meats. Their vast menu includes pulled pork, filet Mignon, standing rib roasts, baby back ribs, smoked organic free range chicken, smoked brisket, bangers ( English style sausage) burgers, Chicago style dogs, different types of sammies, soups, salads and of course breakfast. When looking the menu over, they do have a lot of fun items that include, scotch eggs, pan seared scallops, roasted asparagus, stuffed mushrooms, pot pie, meatloaf and a few other combinations that look yummy. They have a full bar and tons of craft beer selections. The one funny thing that I do before trying a new restaurant, is that I like to go onto like Yelp, or another similar website and look at some of the reviews and pictures of the food. I feel like it gives me a heads up to what looks good.

Typical me, I went with the California Club, which is your common double stacked sammy filled with turkey, ham, bacon, Havarti cheese avocado, lettuce and tomato piled high on sourdough toast. See it’s pretty much a breakfast. Toast and bacon. It was pretty darn good, simple, but made with delicate care that each layer was to its perfection,everything I like at 9am 🙂  Side of fruit was also fresh and just right! Others here went with omelettes, benedicts or a mixed plate of breakfast goods. The group census was that over all the food was pretty darn good. Might be a place that well have to try again, but since it is more of a sports bar and opened 24 hours, I think a late night after drinking, is a another good time to stop in and test it out, but at that point any food is good food 🙂  The most popular omelette that was ordered is called The Gardnerville, it contains, shredded chicken, onions, cheese and ranchero sauce. Side of hash browns and toast of your choice. That actually pretty good to me, maybe it was the chicken lover in me. Another fun item that was also pretty popular is the Breakfast Bowl, that contains potato of your choice, covered with eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cheese & country gravy. Comes with toast of your choice. This seems like a pretty round breakfast, a meat lovers paradise with extra dazzle, I might have to try that one next time.


The best part, I love it when either the owner or general manager will give us a call to check in on everything. They want our feedback, so they know where they excelled and where they need some work, to me that is  just good business and someone who cares about their restaurant! If you happen to on the outskirts of downtown Reno, Hamdogs is located at 160 W Plumb Lane, where the old Blockbuster used to be, across the street is the Save Mart and Dollar Tree. You can find them online at Their website isn’t quite as together just yet, they still need to add the menu and some of their flare.

I’m so glad that I got to finally give you a good heads up on some awesome food going down in our Biggest Little City. Keep an eye out for next weeks post, were going to be trying out another new place ( new to us anyways) Till then, keep eating deliciously in Nevada!



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