Living Well in the New Year!

WOW! Can you believe it’s already 2015?!   Remembering back on 2014, I must say, its was a pretty good year. So many wonderful things have happened and I look forward to all the good things that the New Year will bring. The hubby and I don’t do resolutions, I personally find it to be a waste of time. Why do I need to write down things that I need to accomplish or change? Why do I need to change in the first place? Every day of your life, you should always be on the same page as the last day. Be kind, don’t stress out, don’t be rude to others, eat healthy, exercise, volunteer, drive like a normal person (lol) smile and laugh for no reason, etc, etc, etc. Whatever it is that you write down, make those things an everyday thing. Sometimes with our busy schedules, we loose sight of the goals we have made for ourselves, so I figure that if they are done on a daily basis instead of yearly, they are easier to accomplish. Try to do better the next day and learn from your mistakes. ( I know this is not always easy to do) But we all must try. I don’t live with the thought that, it’s OK, we can change next year, so fuck it. It’s too easy to tell yourself, Oh, I can be forgiven, so why not. (Kinda getting close to how I feel about religion and well that’s just a whole other topic that neither of us have time for)

Now, I don’t want to sound like an asshole, I am by no means trying to discourage anyone from their dreams. I encourage you to stick with the plan that you made yourself and with all your might and strength, stick to it. It’s sometimes more than physical strength, it’s mental stability as well. Not everything in life is easy, how boring would that be a bunch of perfectionist assholes who know everything 🙂  The wonderful thing is learning and trying new things. Putting yourself out there and just going for it. We all fail, but isn’t that the beauty in it all? Being able to try again, but choosing a different method. It’s like the definition of insanity, doing the same things over and over again expecting a different outcome.  It’s just not possible. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that it won’t work.” We all should appreciate the courage that we can have at failing, but then being successful.

All of us have our own way of doing things, that’s what makes us so unique. Just because something looks funny to you, what your doing may be funny to others. We should all try to encourage our neighbors at all times, after all sweetness goes further than sourness 🙂  For New Years, the hubs and I spent the weekend in lovely, sinful, Las Vegas. Now, there’s an eclectic city full of madness, being the people watcher that I am, I found myself just starring and conjuring up stories in my head about what certain people were doing, where they were going and where they are from. The looks on their faces when they saw the strip, or a Roulette Table for the first time, it made me laugh.  But then I thought, Jeesh, how would we look, if we were in, let’s say Dubai, the amazement and wonder of something new is mesmerizing at the least. I am sure we’d be in the way and oohhing and awwing things as the locals tried to swiftly walk by.  The hustle and bustle of crowds going back and fourth, hearing all the different languages, the different perfumes/colognes. The feeling of newness is such a good feeling, I truly do love the look of WOW for the first time.

In the Spirit of New Years, I will this once and once only, for fun, will make a list for me personally that I want to stick by. Ok here they go, drum roll please 🙂 ( And not in any particular order)

1. Eat healthier-yes, we all need a reminder of this, not going too crazy, but eliminating the junk food that has no nutritional value what so ever, taste good, but eh, I can live with out it.

2. Keep exercising, not start, but keep up, maintain the healthy mind, body and soul that keeps me going day to day. And doesn’t hurt to look good either, BONUS!

3. Stop stressing about the small stuff! This is one is a big one for me, I tend to over react to situations that don’t go my way or don’t make sense to me. My initial reaction is getting upset, then I got myself worked up that I didn’t even hear the rest of the story, which tends to be the solution, so this also goes along with having patience 🙂

4. Not talking shit! The other biggie for me and my hubs can attest to this. We’ll just be driving along and so what if someone else on the road cuts another person off, it didn’t happen to us, but for some reason, I have to comment. And not a nice one. I tend to do this with a lot of situations, some one holding up the grocery line cause their writing out a check. For some reason they are either an asshole or douche to me, but in reality, they are not 😦 I Know bad dog!!

5. Not always being in control- Another one of my all to famous methods. I feel as though, if I’m not the person doing it, then it isn’t done right.  I get fussy when I think something should be done a certain way, I tend to give the look of confusion when some one does something that I think should have been done another way, it may be wrong, it may be right, but I need to let others do things as nature intended it, because I am not an electrician, a fitness trainer, an IT person, a college professor or personal stylist, so I need to let some of that go 🙂

Well, there you have it. I think 5 is enough, after all I’m already pretty perfect (RIGHT)  I know these things already about myself, which is why they don’t need to be on a Resolution list, they need to happen everyday. So with said, Let’s all try to do our part and make it on a daily basis! Cheers to the New Year! Let this one be a good one, filled with prosperity, love and friendship! Till next time, encourage, believe and be loving in Nevada!



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