The Holiday Spirit

Well it’s that time of year when the weather nips at your nose, the brisk minty air tingles your body right down to the bones. Which means that Winter is here and Christmas is right around the corner. I do love this time of year. It brings all friends and family together to celebrate the best things in life, each other. It’s truly not about what newest toy the kids get or the hustle and bustle and shoving in stores to grab the last item off the shelf. The Holidays are about spending time with one another, enjoy eating and talking, drinking and being merry!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look on kids faces when they are opening up their presents and weather or not they think they have been good this year. Its fun and exciting to get your loved ones a really great gift that you know they are not expecting. I love decorating the house with Christmas fair, lights and a great smelling tree! There is something about coming home at night and seeing all the homes decorated with cheer that just makes you feel so warm & fuzzy ( Well maybe that’s partially from all the Jameson and Hot cocoa 🙂

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, its truly all the same thing, a reason to celebrate love and life. Everyone has their own thing on what they believe, no need to be partial or biased, its a Holiday for everyone and anyone!

For me and my family, we get together on Christmas Eve, celebrate our extended family with lots of yummy foods, White Christmas cocktails, laughs and smiles. We get to open up one present, which is usually Christmas jammies to wear the next day. Christmas Day is having a family tradition of Breakfast Casserole (made by Aunt Pat) a delicious layered treat of toast, cheese, eggs and sausage. Paired with sliced pears and a Mimosa 🙂  Opening of gifts, watching the dogs try to open their treats, chasing the tinsel around the house, watching movies and just being together and enjoying the company.  If your lucky to have snow that day, then snowmen, snow angels and snow ball fights prevail. No matter what your family tradition is, it is something to be cherished and passed on through generations.

In most cities the movie theater is opened, showing either a holiday favorite or the newest movie of the season. Some have ice skating rinks or Holiday parades. Some do Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies, or have neighborhoods that participate in lighting festivals, where you can drive around and see all the beautiful homes decorated to the nines with lights, blow up holiday characters, music and even choreographed shows. Where ever you live, look up your local town holiday festivities to see what awesome Holiday adventures you can add to your list.

The one thing that I always like stressing about this time of year, is that it does NOT matter how much you spend on gifts for someone! You don’t have to break the bank to make someone happy. Even with kids, we were taught at a young age that even if you behave and get good grades, Santa is not buying you the world. I remember one year, when my sister and I were not the greatest that year and sure enough, waking up the next morning and seeing no presents under the tree, one present in our stockings and it was a beautifully wrapped hunk of coal. We both cried our eyeballs out. With a nice long talk from the parents about being good girls, we wiped our tears and accepted our punishment. A few short moments later, Mom and Dad came out from their bedroom and brought out a load of presents, but under the condition we learned our lesson. Safe to say that was the last year we didn’t behave. But the point is, we cant be spoiled little shits that think money grows on trees and we can get whatever we want, when we want. If even your a millionaire, please don’t teach your kids to be assholes, the world has enough 🙂 The holidays are about loving each other, donating, volunteering and being peaceful with each other. If you more religious than I am,  I am sure that you celebrate the gift of appreciation and love in a slightly different way.

Home made gifts are always a big hit, if you cannot think of what to get some one, making them a batch of their favorite cookie or sweet treat is a great alternative. Maybe helping a grandparent with some yard work or whatever they might need goes a long way, plus they just want to spend time with you, even if its just talking over a hot tottie. To give back to your community, there’s always food donations, or volunteer work that they need help with. Food banks and homeless shelters can always use donations, same with animals at the Humane Shelters.  Maybe visiting a retirement or assisted living home is a great way to cheer up some friendly folks who may or may not have family around.  Even if your at the store or post office, hold that door open for the next person with a smile, see someone struggling to gt their groceries into the car, give them a warm hand with a happy holidays when you leave. Look people in the eyes when saying Merry Christmas, even to strangers. Acknowledgement is everything sometimes. Don’t get offended if some one says Merry Christmas, when you do not celebrate the holiday. Others are trying to be friendly and kind, they do not mean harm. No need to get so shovey in a store or so pushey, have some patience this year, its a wonderful feeling. Try not getting so upset while driving, we all have places to be. I believe in “Pay it Forward” but not the kind where you buy the person behind you a coffee. Allow some one with less groceries  to go ahead of you at the store, let some one out of the parking lot onto the street that you know if you had not let them in, they would be sitting there for a very long time. Wave and say thanks for a kind gesture and always, always, always say Please and Thank You!

After all ‘Tis the season to be Merry!!!!! Be inspired by others around you, wonderful things are out there. Till next time, live, laugh, hug and be cheery in Nevada! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!!



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