Bite This Town……………….

Another Friday and another breakfast spot to try. OK, so lets rewind a bit and start with the building complex. I can remember this shopping center from way back when I was a little girl. On the weekends my family would come up to Reno for grocery shopping, school clothes and dentist appointments. For breakfast we would go to this awesome little omelette joint in this complex, it was pretty good from what I could remember, after some years, that closed down and then when I was over the age of 21, I remember going to a bar in this same complex and ordering cement mixers (kinda just puked in my mouth a little bit as I remember how gross these shots were, don’t ask) For the life of me I can’t exactly remember the bars name, maybe Fourth Turn? But back to the point, there’s always something in this complex that over the years, draws you back for another life experience.

This time its delicious food and no late nights wondering “why?”  Started back in 2009, their a family owned restaurant that not only serves up some bomb ass breakfast, but their lunch menu is also just as good. All of the employees are super friendly and its really the one place that everyone is just in a good mood. The restaurant is pretty big, outside seating, tons of natural lighting and it happens to be in a cute little shopping center with lots to offer.

Lili’s Restaurant & Bar located in the Franktown Shopping Center on the corner of Kietzke and Grove.                                  Open only for breakfast and lunch, this gives them an “up” to being very specialized in breakfast and lunch foods.  The menu is quite extensive with specials being created everyday.  There are at least 20 different items to order for breakfast and even more for lunch. So no matter what your into, there will be something that suits your fancy! Below are some pictures of what the food looks like. I have to remember to include other items that I may or may not eat, so that you really get the jist of what they can do. Just because I don’t eat that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know how good everything really is!!!! So take a moment to drool over the next few pics….. I’ll wait………

Scrambled, cheesy country potato and country bacon!        Eggs Benedict, add avocado and link sausage.         Trying this out for the 1st time, rumor has it that this place was  bomb,  rumors were right! !!            Corned beef hash and eggs, with biscuits and gravy           Salmon Benedict special!!


Philly cheesesteak sandwich with onion rings        Specials for august 16th and 17th 2014.  Featuring organic king salmon.          Lili's Restaurant & Bar            Breakfast quesadilla, I had them add extra tomatoes because that's how I ROLL!            California Burger

Alright, alright, back to the topic at hand.  Starting with the top left,  1. Country bacon, cheese potatoes, scrambled eggs, 2.Eggs Benedict with avocado and sausage, 3. Belgian Waffle, 4. Corned Beef & Hash, biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, 5. Salmon Benedict (special) 6. Philly Cheese Steak Sammy, onion rings, 7.  Hawaiian Breakfast (special) 8. Fresh King Salmon, Mango Avocado Salsa (special) 9. Breakfast Quesadilla with extra tomatoes 10. California Burger with chips.

The ingredients are fresh, you can get a Bloody Mary with breakfast, or if your my kinda person, it’s 8am and I’m doing a beer and a burger 🙂  Everyday there is a new special, check it out on their website or on their Facebook page. They want to make us happy, they want to feed us good food, they want to remember your name for the next time, they want to smile and keep our cups full. Isn’t that what it’s all about, I mean really?! If some one or some where other than your wife/hubby or your own home, makes something worth getting up and going out for, shouldn’t this be a high contender on that list of places to go? Why, Yes! It should.

Always being a pain in the ass, always wanting what your not supposed to, always going against the dam grain, well wait, steaks are cut against the grain for maximum tenderness, so maybe it’s not that bad after all? I order something off the lunch menu, which they are very obliged to do for me, well you too, anyone. I went with the Leaner Meaner, which is totally right up my breakfast alley. It contains cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, hard boiled egg, Jello, fruit and your choice of lean ground chuck or grilled chicken, I always go with the chicken (yum)  Instead of the Jello, I asked for sliced avocado. It was perfect! Everything a weirdo like me would want, its a smorgasbord of a little bit of everything that my tummy wants to eat at 9am! The fruit was really sweet and crisp, the cottage cheese small curd and yummy, perfect ripe tomato, smooth avocado slices, I ate only the egg white of the hard boiled egg. The chicken was grilled to perfection, juicy, simple yet complex for a morning meal. It’s the right amount of vitamins, protein and carbs, in my book.

Lilis2   I am one of the few people at my work that orders more lunchie foods, but really, there seems to be this group of foods that your “supposed to eat” at certain times, for what time of day it is, so really, theres this viscous circle of eating the same things everyday and that just sounds boring to me or am I wrong about this?  Hhhhmmm, more thought on this later. But if I chose to eat a bacon bleu burger at 8am, that’s between my gut and me!  I eat breakfast foods for dinner, I eat lunch for breakfast and dinner well, anytime really 🙂

All my co workers agreed, they really liked the food. We don’t really judge on atmosphere, since we have the best environment, our own.  You can always tell how good the food is when the whole office is quiet for about 20 solid mins, not even the phone rings.  They packaged up all our food nice and neat into their appropriate containers, each with our name and what we ordered written on them. Provided extra condiments, utensils and threw in extra biscuits we didn’t order or pay for, hell yeah!!!  The kinda place well be “ordering” from again for sure!!  It’s funny that some restaurants really, really go out of their way to make our eating experience enjoyable and some, well some just fall through and don’t really care what we had or weather or not we liked it, but to call and check in and make sure everything was to our liking, yes, we love you know and you just sealed the deal for us, because you has us at hello 🙂  Have you been to Lili’s? I want to know what you thought of this place!  What alternate foods are you eating for breakfast, I’m dying to know there are other weird food people like me out there. Stay tuned for the next edition of Bite This Town, well deconstruct another local favorite and give you all the details. Till then, eat sleep and breathe everything inspirational in Nevada~








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