Bite This Town (Formerly Foodie Time)

Not only did I feel inspired to change my “food topic title” but I was inspired to also start taking pictures and keeping track of home-made meals, so expect n the near future to see home-made items 🙂 So getting back on track, let start this “new show” off with a bang ———–>

Exploring all sides of this breakfast world and if you know me by now, you know that I’m not a breakfast eater! Let’s also straighten out this “breakfast, lunch, dinner” fiasco.  For me, breakfast isn’t just a type of food, it’s also a time of day to eat food. We have pushed ourselves into the corner by regulating what we eat, for what time of day it is. So for me, breakfast time isn’t pancakes, french toast with bacon, eggs and hash browns. I would just simply love grilled chicken with cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes or like a BLT, something with substance to it, ya know! Not rib eye steak with asparagus and roasted potatoes or anything, but if you will, more of a “brunch or “lunch type item. What do you think about this topic? According to Wikipedia, “breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a nights sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the days work.”  Which leads me to my next topic.

Because my work buys us all breakfast every Friday, I had to ask, is breakfast a food or time of day? Out of about 30 of us, I’m the only one who orders off the lunch menu. Well not always the only one, but usually. I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass, I’m sure not all my fellow co-workers agree with it and I’m by no means “spoiled.” I just don’t eat sugary stacks, bready,buttery,eggy shit all right! Besides, the boss said I could, so nah!


Last Friday, we chose to eat at a long time favorite of mine, in the heart of the hood, making Reno happy for over 24 years, I know my first time, I was about 8, followed by bike nights on Wednesdays.  I was into eating “breakfast” foods back in high school and into college years, but mid way, I had advanced 🙂  So, for the love of breaky, the B.B.C comes to mind. Know the place yet?

PJ & Co Restaurant & Saloon- I’m talking old school food L O V E! A quaint little joint with outside seating and a bar. They are a family owned restaurant with an eclectic sports/motorcycle theme on the interior, not too big of a parking lot, serving some of the biggest, brightest dishes in Reno!  The B.B.C is a huge croissant stuffed with your choice of ham, veggie, bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs and yummy melted cheddar, Holy Shit!!! Served with their awesome PJ’s potatoes, which I never have room for. It’s one of the only breakfast foods I will eat, If you’ve had one, you know why. There are a lot of items I like on their menu, some of them include, the warm roast beef sammy, it’s got grilled onions on it and dipped into their au jus, oh man! I get mine with a side salad and bleu cheese. Their spinach Quiche Lorraine is just as insane, the crust is so light and fluffy, the bacon adds porky depth to this dish.  Bay shrimp stuffed avocados, halved and stuffed with goodness, I need 4 halves because they are so good 🙂  I just love avocados and shrimp together period!



Cashew Chicken Salad & Pasta Salad


Cashew Chicken Sammy



I ordered the cashew chicken with pasta salad as the side. This is hands down, the best chicken salad! With crunchy cashews, cucumbers and sprouts, its ridiculous! Its fresh and doesn’t have that loaded mayo dressing. Tender chicken chunks, green onions.Getting food “To Go”I asked them to give me two pieces of sliced bread with it, I assembled the sammy when it arrived at work. This to me, is heaven and my perfect “breakfast!”  The pasta salad wasn’t a second to the cashew chicken, it was just as tasty with al dente cooked Rotelle, garden fresh veggies, a light ranch/vinaigrette dressing and topped with parmesan cheese. As you can see, it was just a hot mess of everything I could have dreamed of!

The Gold Coast Burger and the Old Fashioned Patty Melt are other really out of this world choices.  After 5pm, they serve their Tex Mex menu with choices like BBQ pork back ribs, Fajitas, burritos and big bad chili. These can all be cooled down with margaritas or cerveza of course.  You can join their loyalty program and  have your boss order their super cool boxed lunches for groups of people. If you haven’t been to PJ’s, I highly suggest it or your life will just be boring! They are located at 1590 S Wells Ave, next to Corrigan’s. Check them out on the web at

If you dare to be cool, join PJ’s and many other locals at Bike Night, every Wednesday night, the parking lot will be full of awesome people and motorcycles of all kinds.  This is a family restaurant and generation after generation will be coming to PJ’s. I know I’ll bring my kid here and start the tradition early. Hope you enjoyed this weeks Bite This Town. I hope to hear what some of your favs from PJ’s are. Enjoy living, loving and eating all that is Nevada!









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