The Grocery Games

There’s nothing more that I love than to browse the grocery store isles looking at all the new products and buying our weekly supply of groceries. Most of our shopping is done at just few places. For the types of food we like, it’s not always available at just one store. Several stores are needed to make the system complete. The fun weekend game of groceries 🙂


1. Costco- I’m sure many of you, also enjoy this mega conglomerate, with its large bulk sizes, tasty samples and wide isles. They have such a great selection of many daily items.  Mixing it up with specials and seasonal items.  Carrying household items, garage needs, personal,food, snacks & gift certificates. You can get even get your vehicle repaired while you shop. The customer service is always good, clean and convenient. I don’t mind taking my time and looking at everything, trying a few different sampling of new foods. It can sometimes get pretty busy, and a bit crazy, but relax, start at the food court, grab a hot dog and shop at your leisure.We like the meats, deli items, seafood, snack selection and we get our dog food here too. Their signature Kirkland brand keeps in line with most popular brands. Their seasonal items include foods, clothing and lots of decorations. But watch out, each item costing an average of $10.00, a cart can get full pretty quickly and next thing you know, $442.36, yikes!! Put some of that stuff back will ya’




2. Walmart- There really cannot be a single person out there who hasn’t been or knows of this super mega mega huge taking over the world needs its own zip code monstrosity of a store, phew!  But yes, I still shop there! Purchasing canned, boxed or smaller size portioned goods, some cleaning supplies, some toiletries, and a package of socks is what we purchase here. About 80% of the time the store is overwhelmingly crowded, it smells, kids are not crying, their screaming. The isles aren’t big enough for everyone and their carts. People are just talking or texting right in the middle of the intersection, not allowing others to get by, food is put where it was not grabbed from, frozen chicken sitting on the lotion shelf, it’s always a mess!!! Not to mention that every time, every damn time, we have to look through the receipt. I make Michael give me the car keys, I go outside and start putting the groceries into the car, so that he can go to the customer service counter and get a refund back for items that we were double charged for! I was thinking about it. Doing the math, $10.00 for a large animal bucket, charged twice, only bought one.  $4.82 jar of garlic stuffed olives, charged twice, bought one. Lets just say that 5,000 people went to Walmart that day, if every receipt was over charged, even a $2.00 item, that would equal up to  $10,000 of extra revenue created out of cashiers not paying attention, slamming my glass items together, scanning something 10 different ways or looking off into space, but yes, I still shop at Walmart. As much as I despise “The Walmart” the prices are much less expensive than other stores and I can pretty much get the rest of the grocery items here. I’m not the biggest fan, but I will deal with it for now. I like that they have everything I need from our groceries to a new plant in the hallway and a can of paint for the living room, buy a new DVD, grab a new bathroom hamper, grab the milk and oh yeah, the fish food. Convenience yes!







3. Whole Foods/Trader Joes- What else can you say but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE oh and I need a second job just to buy food :/  Just walking into the doors at these stores, its a another planet! Everything not only looks beautiful but is beautiful tasting and smelling. The produce is arranged to just fall into your hands as it was grown just for you! The prepared food section is just bananas, lots of yummy dishes ready for you take home! Large fish and meat selections, large cheese and wine selections. Flowers are singing to you as you walk by, the staff is floating around on magic happy clouds, hand made little delicate chocolate truffles, the fresh baked bread….. and the……….(the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard) to stop my going on and going on. Sorry, I do get carried away at times. But yes, all of the above.  Baby items,personal items, vitamins and cleaning products too.





These places have an awesome selection of organic, raw, all natural, non GMO and whole foods, but it comes at a price. I’m still not sure why NOT using a pesticide on my apple costs me more? But I do believe buying some organic products like meats, cheeses, milk, vegggies, anything grown in the dirt and/or eats from the ground (product of earth)I don’t necessarily believe that everything has to be organic, but I try to balance things out, staying away from perfumes, dies, altered or synthetic fake shit! Labels are so hard to read these days and there really is no one regulating what you can say on the wrapper. So I like to shop at stores that are helping by not selling it in the first place!

4. International Markets- This comes from the islander in me. There’s not one Asian inspired market that I have not been to in this town! Trust me! My favorites happen to be International Market on Gentry, Yim’s on Rock Blvd in Sparks, 168 Asian Market on the corner of S. Virginia and Gentry and Manilla Hong Kong on Oddie. But really, I like them all 🙂 They each have their own specialty items with their own special family touch. FYI: Not all Asian food is the same.  Its not every week that we venture to these specialty stores, but I WILL refrain from buying my specialty items from any other store than an international type market, like one of the named above. I would rather support these guys than a big chain to be honest. They offer way more variety of specialty fish, rice, sauces, noodles, spices, juice and vegetables. Besides, the other stores do not sell these items and I want to continue to go to these awesome stores and check out & purchase foods I’ve never seen before. They sell food, cooking supplies and utensils. Some have fresh flowers and gifts from their particular country. If your going to by a wok, chopsticks, a sake set or any kind of Asian cooking utensil, buy it from one of these places, not any of the above mentioned! The cost is the same if not less and it’s the real deal people! You can have some fun making fried rice or pad thai at home.





So with all of this said, I am going to try something new. I’m going to add another stop to this list. As summer is nearing and the fruits and veg will no longer be able to be bought from farmers markets, Now its not new to the area and not even that new to me. It has been around our hometown since 2005. Have you heard of the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op here in Reno?  Check out this website ASAP!!



For a small membership fee, we can have the freshest, most local, made with L. O. V. E foods in our area?! WHAT!! Not only a grocery store, but they have a prepared foods section as well, along with wellness items. Friendly, knowledgeable staff (imagine that, staff that is helpful) a beautiful location just downtown at 240 Court Street. Not the most in-expensive store in Reno, but giving locals a change to explore their food options. Not only will you be eating better and healthier foods, but also helping to strengthen our  Nevada grown economy! What??!! Now that’s just crazy talk!!!! Great Basin only purchases food from local, sustainable farms whose practices are solely environmentally friendly. Check out their website or just stop by and learn about GBCFC’s food shed!  Supporting our local farmers with purchasing fresh local produce, honey and all kinds of bees wax items, meats from farmers not using antibiotics/steroids.  These guys use ingredients that you can pronounce! Who wants to eat blue #5 coated with azodicarbonamide, mixed with MSG and bleach. Yum!! So Im going to get a membership at the co-op and I will keep you posted. Now that’s living and loving in Nevada! Till next time………..









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