Nevada Foodie Time


Peavine Sandwich

Another yet exciting round of delicious food. My first reaction to a good looking meal is the insatiable smell that strolls into my nostrils, followed by instant mouth water. Slowly unwrapping my delight, side by side, to not disturb the delicately built masterpiece. Before me lays spread open two bagel halves, (throat clear) excuse me, salted bagel halves, honey mustard spread that I swear has a hint of honey, warm & tender black forest ham, lightly melted brie just enough to peak out at you, crispy thinly sliced green apples and a handful of fresh crunchy sprouts. A nice hard dill pickle slice, eases its way next to my filleted beauty to add a zing of tartness to the mix. I slide my hand under the bottom of the one half and disgustingly shoved this 4 inch tall sweet and savory tower into my mouth. As I was sitting up into my chair, leaning forward, that bite, relaxed my posture and I ever so slowly leaned back into my chair, enough for it to make a small creak and I looked up to the ceiling with the feeling of amazement. Yes, this could slightly be erotic food porn. I couldn’t believe what I’m eating. This was breakfast and brunch and desert all in one.  Truckee Bagel Company in south Reno is turning out some of the freshest bagels in this area! Established in 1994, Mike Healy, former New Yorker and now Nevada resident for over 25 years, brings his New York Bagel expertise out west. Home of the NON fat, NON cholesterol bagels & cinnamon twists, now there’s not a single reason to try one or two or three, well you know, there’s so many flavors to choose from. A classic is the salted bagel with plain cream cheese. Excite it up with one of their baked fresh daily specialty bagels like blueberry, cinnamon raisin, cranberry, garlic,onion,sesame seed,poppy seed,whole wheat,banana nut,pumpernickle,spicy cheese,spinach asiago, pumpkin and so much more. They pair their bagels with their homemade cream cheeses, plain or low fat, chive, herb, Jalapeno, sun dried tomato and strawberry are again, just to name a few.

As if bagels, cinnamon twists, scones and gourmet coffee aren’t enough. Try either a breakfast or lunch sandwich. Select your bagel of choice, then select your favorite combination of meats such as smoked peppered salmon, albacore tuna,peppered turkey,black forest ham and roast beef. Milky cheeses like cheddar, mozz,pepper jack, swiss and brie. Spread/dressings horseradish mayo, hummus, honey mustard sauce, prima vera and lox. Accompanied by fresh veg, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers,onions,olives,mushrooms,pepperoncinis, capers and avocado.  They can make your sammy hot or cold and you can build your own to suite to your taste buds. If you can’t decide on either of those, take a step back to a PB& J classic. They offer jams, butters and honey for the sweet, lighter side. SO there really is nothing they don’t cover. With a selective menu and offering catering for any of your events, Truckee Bagel Company is a long time hit with locals and by the deliciousness of everything, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Check them out at 18130 Wedge Parkway in south Reno. They are in the Raley’s shopping center just off Mt Rose Highway or at Shoot, a great idea. Grab a few bagel sammys for the gang and head up to the lake for the day. Now that’s a great living and loving in Nevada moment!! Till the next time, keep eating deliciousness in Nevada and let me know where you and your loved ones like to grab a bite!



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