Weddings, Babes & Showers

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and take advantage of the summer sun. Amongst the many summer activities, there also comes other perfect summer time soirees that requires a little more creativeness! I’m talking Weddings, Bridal Showers & Baby Showers. How exciting to be invited to or be the main attraction at one of these “solely woman” traditions.  There are your friends and family, sparkling drinks, beautifully decorated trays of food and lots of fun games to play. If you have been to one of the above, you know exactly what I am talking about. From bright pastel colors, to sunshine and smiles, they are becoming more unique these days and sometimes less traditional.

bridalshower1          showerinvite

For the bridal shower attendee in me,I like to always do something unique and un-thought of. Most woman make a registry at their store of choice, which can be very helpful for the newlyweds.Buying them exactly what they need to make their new house a home.I find that some couples are modest and select items they truly need or maybe smaller items that they just want. Then there are the couples that are just way too over the top! Having put no thought into what is actually important, just randomly adding everything to the list in hopes that someone will buy it.  If I really know the bride, I will try to either make something for her or for the shower. Maybe throw in some home made dog bones ( if she has dogs)  Even though the gift may not be a “wedding” type of gift, I think anything that she needs, or for the home, or even the dog or baby is very thoughtful. Also, now is the time to buy her a fun gag gift, some sexy lingerie for the special night or buy some penis shaped straws for all of the girls to sip out of,  Bride To Be sashes, naughty girl hand cuffs anything to make her blush! Remember, shes getting married so be kind and be PG13 for the sake of her hubby to be 🙂 But you know what I’m talking about. Have fun with this. If she has made a registry somewhere, don’t feel like a bad friend if you don’t drop $300. Buy a few items that you can afford, she won’t be offended, after all she invited your broke ass!  Depending upon your friend, some girls like to go out and get all wild, which again please refer to clause above about keeping it PG13. I would honestly avoid something the man to be would not approve of. Keep it classy!! Have a wonderful fancy dinner, cocktails and dancing or maybe a spa day with medi pedi’s and mimosas. Whatever it is have fun and keep the attention on her, it’s her day!  Some couples are opting to have both men and woman showers which are more appropriately named Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. The options are limitless on the activities that you can do. More fun to have everyone if you ask me. Bring a gift and still get down with all the men folk.   This can be fun for couples and friends that are more adventurous and maybe a night at the strip club for all to enjoy?! Not just for men anymore ladies!!!!

To cool things down a bit, let’s talk Baby Showers. Now baby showers are just as fun, still loads of fun games to play. Like Guess the Flavor of baby food, guessing the size of the belly and not allowed to say “baby.” The list goes on and on and with each new generation, the games change, become harder or new rules are added. There are usually prizes to be won with each game, a big raffle to win a prize if you brought a bag of diapers.  If you haven’t been to a baby shower in a while, web search the kinds of wonderful gifts or food that you can bring. I love the Diaper Cake! I try to make one of these for all my girlfriends, its so cute and a gift all in one!  Here is an example of one I made for my dear friend. I also made her a fruit carriage for her shower.

diapercake                          fruitcarriage


As traditional as they are, more mothers to be are also opting to have both men & woman attend their baby shower. It puts the men together to laugh at the woman they love, having some fun. Some girls are very shy or new to babies, they are the best ones to watch through this experience.  Everyone is welcome including kids, have a great day by the pool and have a big ole BBQ! Sounds pretty good to me 🙂  Besides, the men can’t last very long alone!  A baby registry is sometimes done just like the wedding registry.  What she needs to basically take care of her new bundle of joy. If one is provided, use it! Clothes, creams, toys, blankets, etc. A woman who already has kids probably knows exactly what she needs, minus a few of the forgotten items (this is the area I love of gift giving, getting the forgotten abouts!)  Depending upon the ages and sex of the previous kids, she may need a lot or a little. My sister has 2 girls, they are about 3 years apart, so they share things all the time! Not a lot was need for her second girl. If she does not have kids, then this can be a bit more difficult especially when it comes to diapers, pacifiers, teething and decorative items. They make so many different styles and types of these things, one may not be liked by either the mother or her infant. But don’t get discouraged, this is the nature of the little beast 🙂  I try to stick to more non decorative items and more useful items like clothes, towels,diapers, wipes and swaddle items.  I feel like these are more helpful and needed rather than some baby wall decals or stuffed animals. Unless there are no grandparents, then get one of these for sure!

Now for the finally, the big day, your wedding day! By most traditions, it usually goes, bridal shower, wedding then baby shower, but I am so not traditional, so in that order I did not go! Weddings are so wonderful, they are the start to a new beginning.  So your friends or someone in your family decided to take that leap, after the bridal and grooms parties are all over with, now the serious party begins. Like all the other registries we’ve discussed. This one is really no different. Look through the list either in that store or online. Some items may only be purchased online. I tend to stay away from more decorative items, vases, art or just non useful items. Unless they have lived together for the last 5 years and have everything they need. Then buy something fun, but more practical is always nice! I’d rather have the kitchen utensils than the fresh linen scented candle set to be honest.  But then again, this gift can also be something fun for the couple. Dinner and a movie together or ice skating for two, whatever they are into. If they have kids or animals, include a little something for them too, basket full of apples for the horses or goodie bags for the kiddos. At the wedding there usually is a table to put your gift, gifts are opened after wedding and thank you cards are mailed out, so make sure to put a To: & From:  If your good friends or part of the wedding party then its your duty to help with any wedding necessities. Helping to make food, decorations, help Grandma or whatever may be asked of you, get ready and please do it with a smile!!!

Wedding           gifttable

Whatever awesome event your attending this summer, remember that it’s not about the amount of money you spend or weather or not you bought the best gift. Attending the event, showing your support, buying whatever amount that you can afford is just perfect! Its about the love and the friendship or family.  The best thing that you can do for anyone is be there!  The less stress the better.  Have fun and enjoy the next new phase of your special friends new life! I would love to hear your different stories on what parties you have been to and what some of their un-traditional touches were. If you have something coming up, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Enjoy living and loving in Nevada!





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