Nevada Foodie Time

On this round of food, I decided to do more of a collage of “Trendy Treats.” Lately my sweet tooth has been going crazy! Bacon covered this, peanut butter slathered that. Making refrigerated cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron, using the icing as the syrup.  Blending 2 entirely different treats to make the ultimate confection. Here is to dedicating this go ’round to all the sweet treats that can be found in our neck of the woods, some others, well have to just drool over for now 🙂

bundtini These little beauties (got to start getting better at my food pics) It’s so hard when 30 people are rushing their way into the break room. Cute and petite, these littles come packed with delicious sweet flavor, suited to make any non sugar lover’s head spin, twice! Decorative in their little cake cups, each their own special, customized flavor. Then topped with more sweetness.  Nothing Bundt Cakes, home of the most delicious bundtini’s ever! Located in the Smith Ridge Shopping Center, across from Meadow Wood Mall. In 1997 two long time friends decided to take the leap into becoming entrepreneurs, perfecting their recipe for delicious bundt cakes. Using only real, natural ingredients, their masterpiece was brought to life. In 2006 the Nothing Bundt Cakes brand would start it’s wonderful long time friendship with it’s customers. With hand crafted monthly featured flavors and their inventory of everyday treats, there can be nothing but goodness. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Pecan Praline, White White Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, Marble, Red Velvet, Carrot and Cinnamon Swirl. This month’s featured flavor happens to be Lemon Raspberry 🙂 Their cream cheese frosting is light and sweet. Not over done like most cake frosting. As a  nice sweet surprise my employer hands out these out to clients and sometimes, if were lucky, were also given them in return. I don’t really have a favorite myself, they are all really good, maybe the red velvet. The cakes are moist and not over kill sweet.  Light and fluffy as it should be.They are nothing short of supplying you with a decadent desert in a little package. They also carry the larger size bundt cakes and other fun treats as well. Check them out at or hell just drive down there and grab a free sample. Take home your favorite flavor!!

Next on the treat list, a newer creation, launching on May 10, 2013 in the kitchen of the  Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. According to their website,” that many have described it to be a croissant, doughnut hybrid. Fans spanned the world from Berlin to Singapore, making it the most virally talked about dessert in history. (

cronut Introducing the Cronut! This particular little sweetness is from Rounds Bakery on Moana Lane.  It still must be in the hush hush phase as I didn’t see it on their online menu or website in general. Not too sweet which is appreciating, this cross breed of yum is for sure attracting people from all over. Delicate and divine. The cronut has all the flaky layers of a croissant, but the dense cakeyness of a doughnut. This one is decorated in chocolate crunch balls and dulce de leche. It truly is heaven in a dessert. They also come with different kinds of fruits, which is just as equally sinful! Slice it delicately with a serrated knife and save half for later or just devour the whole thing, when no one is watching. Rounds also has a large selection of gourmet bagels, cream cheeses and wonderful bagel sammies.  I happen to love the sourdough and salt bagels with plain cream cheese. Try the cinnamon sugar bagel with the honey maple walnut cream cheese, it’s really good too!!!! Specialty drinks are a sweet addition to their menu as well. They are located at the Independence Square shopping center next to Sushi Club. Stop in soon and let me know how much you loved those cute little cronuts!!!



The next treasure is both sweet and savory treats, a one stop shop is where it’s at! Honey Bakery on Keystone Ave next to the Save Mart in Reno is a little hidden gem. Now this bakery happens to be one of my personal favs! Me and Honey Bakery go way back, I mean way way back. Like take me back to a place that I love and miss oh so much. The islands and great influential foods. When my family and I would go back to Tahiti to visit family, there was this little market next to my grandmothers house. My sister and I would scrounge enough change to go over there and wander the isles in awe of all the different foods. Breads, pre-packaged lunch plates with fried rice, pineapples, and teriyaki chicken, ceviche dishes and these peculiar little savory pork buns. Bought by accident once thinking they were cream filled, 10 year old Maea had died and was reborn into the ultimate foodie that I am today. I had never eaten something so wonderful and convenient at the same time. Costing less than $1.00, don’t even remember what franc she took out of my hand,  I just held it out there while I engorged in my pork bun.  I truly enjoyed what I had just ate. I would scour the house in search for more change to buy on everyday. The BBQ pork bun was my first love, then I slowly ventured out to try others. Taro is another popular flavor. If you aren’t familiar with taro, it is a root plant, similar to a potato, but a sweet nutty flavor.  My grandmother had taro plants in her garden and we ate taro alot as a child. Poi is a staple dish in most pacific islander families which is made of mostly taro and coconut milk.

honeybakery3   Lightly sweet, almost like Hawaiian Rolls you buy in the store. Stuffed with either sweet or savory delights! Chicken Curry, Chicken & Mushroom, BBQ Pork, Ham, Corn & Scallion,Pineapple, Pineapple Coconut, Egg Custard, Coconut Tarts, Wife Cake, Taro Buns, Sesame Buns and every flavor of Boba!!!! I buy about 10 to 12, have to have some for a few days ya know. They are about $1.25 to $1.50 ea. I buy a variety of each kind.The curry chicken is really outstanding. My favs are all of them :)They store in the fridge nicely. You can either leave them out on the counter for 20 min to get back to room temp or lightly re-heat in a toaster oven or oven, microwaving is just yucky for these, too soft and mushy.


The sweet buns do not need to be heated at all really, just fine room temp or cold. Pair your favorite bun with a cool, refreshing boba. Boba is also known as bubble tea. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base, mixed with fruit or milk. Boba, a Chinese word meaning “large” slang for the large chewy tapioca balls commonly added to the drink. I enjoy Mango, Watermelon and Cantaloupe Bobas, but they have all kinds of yummy flavors.  They are slushy and refreshing on these crazy hot days. Stop by Honey Bakery sometime soon and try something different.  I know its not your everyday thing, but that’s what makes it special and believe me, it will be added to your mental filing cabinet of awesome treats!  Let me know what places you’ve tried and what your thoughts are, I hope I have inspired you to try some new fun food in our area. Enjoying living and loving in Nevada!






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