Feeding the Man

Boxed lunch

When I first met my husband, he didn’t have the best diet. Wait , let me re-phrase that. What diet? hes a man and a long lean one at that, so there is no diet, just whatever he can buy or someone super sweet happened to make him (you know who are 🙂 So breakfast was either an Ensure from mom, a breakfast sammy from a friend’s girlfriend or something from the drive through at Mickie D’s. Thank you to Ronald McDonald, Dave and Colonel Sanders, but I can take it from here!  One of our first lunch dates consisted of a mini mart grocery store stop to buy a hot dog and Arizona tea. Now I’m not making fun of him, we weren’t even dating at the time, we were both at work and just made a quick stop, but to me it was date 1 🙂

Anywho, if he has no girlfriend and only at moms sometimes, then what the hell is this poor boy eating? Thank goodness for good friends’, girlfriends!  The truly irritating part about his diet, he can eat an entire trash can and not gain weight!? Not my problem, wish it was 😦 It’s not that I’m soley concerned about the weight he won’t gain, but all the crap fast food (sorry) being eaten everyday is just not healthy, even if there is no weight increase and I don’t care who you are, its just not! Once in a while or maybe a special treat is fine, but not everyday or even multiple times a week. Now fast food joints are doing better about adding fresher, healthier choices, but those still aren’t that great tasting or health wise. And it’s not like the hubby was ordering the grilled chicken salads every time either.

So since we have been together, he was learned that not only does eating out everyday cost a lot of money, ( no wonder he was ordering crap off the dollar menus) but it’s not filling. He would tell me that we would feel crappy after eating and then hungry shortly after.  So why keep eating it then silly?! Does this make sense? Eating something that doesn’t taste very good, but it’s easier, cheaper and mentally I am supposed to eat something at this hour so why not a piece of random crap?! Huh!!!??

We both work full time jobs, live a little further out of town now too, so there’s not much time between 6:00 ish and when we go to bed, about 9:00. That time has to include, exercise, feeding the dogs, feeding us, making lunches for tomorrow, any watering or gardening that needs to be done, showering and relaxing, did I miss something? Feels too light?! Could you imagine if there were kids in there? Might have a different schedule and probably wouldn’t have a blog either 🙂

Now I choose to cook most of the food that we eat, so breakfasts, lunches and dinner. For the two of us, it’s pretty easy to do. The only tricky part for me is that the man doesn’t care much for leftovers or having to heat up something in the microwave, every now and then it’s ok, but not that often. No last nights spaghetti, or anything resembling what we just ate. So I need to be prepared and inventive.  I grocery shop once a week, plan my meals ahead of time, always keep the staples in inventory and just add the fresh veg or meats that I need. I try to make two to three different meals with one protein. So if I’m whole roasting a chicken for dinner one night, then I have lunch meat or salad meat for the week. If I’m BBQing meat, I won’t put BBQ on all the meat, I will leave some plain, so that I can use it on something I don’t want with BBQ sauce on it.  During the work week, If at any time I am chopping up a bunch of veggies, I always make sure that I cut up extra while I have it out. Throw it in a zip lock container and wait, trust me, you will use it!  Using the protein from dinner, turning it into tomorrows lunch. If your going to use the BBQ one night, throw on some chicken breasts for later or burgers for later. I make the lunches at night when cooking dinner, its easier and helps me in the AM. One giant food mess.  I separate out any “wet” veggies from the “dry” stuff, two containers, then at lunch, mix together for a fresh meal. Sammies are the same, dry bread with the lunch meat and cheese together, then the veg in a separate container. There is a toaster at work, so at lunch, toast the bread and assemble, voila! Taste like you bought it at a deli!

Lunchwrap            lunch1

So breakfasts are mostly oatmeals, yogurt with fresh fruit and granola, cottage cheese and mandarin oranges, PB &J,  or a Maea McMuffin, english muffin with eggs and cheese, yum! Lunches consist of sammies made with whole grain breads, grilled meats like chicken, turkey, pork tenderloin or ham thinly sliced, all kinds of veggies and avocado or hummus in place of mayo.  Salads made with a protein,light bacon crumbles, baby greens, kale, spinach, romaine lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms,  carrot strips, sweet baby peppers, sunflower seeds, misc fruit, fresh herbs, beans, corn, pasta, rice, gawd this list can go on and on. I don’t think there is anything you can’t add to a salad! Wraps and burritos are perfect. Whatever your family is into really!

Dinners are not too heavy, include a protein and a veg, sometimes a starch, sometimes not. A lighter meal. Since it’s been so hot out lately, I try to stay away from the oven as much as possible and grill it instead. But whatever it is, I try to incorporate it into a different meal to be used the next following days. Salmon fillets with asparagus and roasted red potatoes for diner, can be a pesto salmon sammy with baby greens, avocado and cukes. Side of potato salad with dill yogurt dressing for lunch. Asparagus can be saved for the following days salad or just eaten as a snack.

Yes, he’s completely spoiled, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel good knowing what he is eating and that he has good energy throughout the day to keep him going! We splurge every now and then and eat out for lunch, still staying away from the food chains, and keeping within a healthy but fun lunch. Burgers from local restaurants are just as easy to order and pick up and tastier than a 1 1/2 minute burger. Pho(pronounced Pha) is always a good treat, call in and order ahead of time for a faster pick up. Being on a budget is OK too, there are always lunch specials around Reno, Groupon and two for one deals. You don’t have to eat off of the dollar menu, go somewhere else and spend those dollars. Shit, this is Reno, even the strip clubs have good food specials for under $10 with a beer and a view!! Please check with the boss before getting too crazy! The hubby and I like In & Out and for both of us for lunch, ordering double cheeseburgers, sharing a fry & soda, under $10 for both of us, that’s a deal!!


Knowing what your family is eating and feeling good about how there health is each day is important. I feel that there are less sick days, blah feeling days and over all more smiles! I’m excited to hear what you think and how busy your schedule is, but always fitting in a good home cooked meal. How spoiled or under spoiled is your man? Any tips or advice that you’d like  share, I’s always excited to hear. Enjoy eating with your husband and family, while living and loving.



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