Nevada Foodie Time


Another delicious breaky moment brought to you by the California inspired family owned restaurant that I’ve come to learn and love. Being so close to my work helps and that they have really good lunch as well. To share the background of this little treasure, originating in the fall of 2001 in Fullerton, California. A single mom does what a single mom has to do, work hard for her family. Opening up her first coffee shop, this fabulous woman overcame every obstacle that was thrown at her. Being diagnosed with congenital heart disease at barely a month old, she would fight for everything! Loving and living, her good karma and overall good being would give her a wonderful future filled with yummy treats and making hearts warm. This amazing jewel is none other than Kimmie’s Coffee Cup.

On this particular day, I was feeling in a breakfasty kinda mood which if you don’t know this about me, I’m not a big breakfast person to begin with. I love to eat at that time of day.  However most breakfast foods I will gladly skip to eat a sammy or something else fun. Anywho, game back on, I decided to order the Country Sliders. So to be fair, this is not on their Reno menu. I had accidentally downloaded the CA menu. But they were happy to accommodate anyways. The sliders were to two beautiful mountains of fluffy eggs, sausage patties and melted cheese. The biscuits are home made and tender in the middle, with the crusts being slightly crunchy from the toasting.  I chose a side of fruit with mine, which was a nice selection of fruits that were fresh and not canned. The two sliders were prefect for not eating a lunch that day. I was so nice and full till like 2:00, but not overly full, a good healthy full feeling. Nothing was greasy, everything had good seasoning. I mean they were just breakfast sammies, but some of the best out there!!!

Some of the other breakfasts that looked pretty good are the Chicken & Biscuits Benedict, Irish Benedict (Corned Beef) South of the Border Breakfasts,Steak and Eggs, yummy french toast and pancakes. Ive also had the chicken salad and the bacon avocado burger for either breakfast or lunch times. I’m a huge chicken salad fan, but it has to be made right. Not drenched in mayo, cranberries, celery, onions and pecans. It is so good. The hubby loves the burgers, fresh medium rare burger with applewood smoked bacon and avocado, this burger is good size bye the way 🙂 Side of french fries and a large ice tea, oh yeah!!!!

Kimmies is located at 6770 S Virginia St Reno. They are on the corner of S Virginia St & Sierra Center Parkway across from the Home Depot and Target. The old South Side Cafe building. Or visit them online at The service is friendly and attentive. The restaurant is super clean and very cute. You’ll love it. Stop by and try it out. Let me know what you had and how good it was. Till the next time, enjoy living, loving and eating in Nevada!


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