DIY Outdoor Seating


Here are the most recent “Freebie Furniture” I have made with pallets. My work always has a ton of these guys laying around out back. Of course I have been cruising around Pinterest and saw of a bunch of neat ideas using pallets, so I wanted to take it for a spin. The table I made out of two smaller pallets, stacked on top one another. I varnished the top one and then used colored paint for the rest. You cant really see the paint as I used a tan color. It works great and easy to put away in the winter. The bench I made out of cinder blocks and lumber. 12 blocks, 6 on each side, then 4 – 4x4x8, to make the seating part. I kinda like the bench bare like this, but I will make some fun cushions for it too.

The fun part about these projects, is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy it and its quite fun to do and damn you feel proud of yourself afterwards! I am frugal as hell, I am the girl that you will always hear say, “Oh my god, that is so cute, but that’s way too much money for that, I can make that.” Well my list of “make that” is getting pretty long now and I need to start checking them off as fast as I am adding them 🙂 I honestly DO NOT like to spend money on items that are secondary and/or considered more like fun items. Like colorful cushions, outdoor seating tables and chairs, outdoor decorations, etc. I am not a big fan of matchy matchy furniture in the first place, the more eclectic the better!

Any paint that I need, I always check the discount or clearance paint section of your local hardware store. They almost always have some extra paint from a previous customer or a color that didn’t match, and they sell this paint very cheap. I bought a gallon of Behr paint for $5.00 and many smaller cans for even less. You never know what they’ll have, but you can make it work to save a few and the paint is still in excellent condition. Pallets are every where now days, but be careful! Please remember to ask the store or facility that you are taking them from, as they are still, their property! Free pallets can make a series of fun tables, chairs, dog beds, decorations, gardening vessels, shelves and so much more. I ask friends or check for freebies on Craigslist, look for fencing, free wood, pavers, broken tiles/concrete. Items that can be recycled into something great. Reno has a Habitat for Humanity Store, that sells home materials at a discounted price. Check scrap yards, garage sales and good will stores for items to re-purpose. Old chairs that just need a coat of paint and maybe the cushion re-upholstered. That can be done for half of the cost of a new chair and it was fun to do.

Raw, industrial,earthy, natural,clean and simple are just a few ways that I think everyone’s home/garden should be. Yes, it’s nice to have a wonderful piece from Ikea or where ever, but its also nice to spend that money elsewhere and make something fun and inexpensive.  Its important to also have good pieces around, dont get me wrong. I encourage you to start looking at some ideas from your favorite sources, either magazines, web or a friend. Get some gloves, some raggy clothes and make something for your home or garden. Im sure you’ll be glad you did, then you can use that money you saved on buying that new grill you’ve always wanted! I cant wait to see what you’ve made. Please share your projects with me anytime or feel free to ask for advice. Till next time, enjoy living and loving!!


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