Nevada Foodie Time


The second edition to Nevada Foodie Time, a local favorite for a lot of reasons.

In 1938, William ?, opened this beautiful building to include all of the cities wants & needs. He then later acquired buildings adjacent to his, enlarging what is considered to be the first of its brand.  This full service monstrosity was open 24 hours and had famous celebrities in & out of its doors, also naming the showroom after a famous dancer/musician. Then in 2011, this restaurant opened its doors for all  to see. A California creation, this restaurant, brought to Reno a piece of farm fresh food with farmer size portions. Can you think of it yet? Well, the famous casino is, Harrah’s and the restaurant where this delectable dish can be found is Hash House A Go Go. For such a funny, unique name, you know the food is going to be the same. Unique, fresh, yummy, a different menu are the few words that come to mind to describe this fun and friendly experience.

Another Friday, with breakfast served to my desk, all of us were excited to try this place out. I went with their famous Andy’s Fried Chicken & Waffles. I’m not sure who Andy is, but I’d like to shake his hand and thank him for this wonderful combination. As you can see by the picture, when you get it “to go”, they serve it in a large size pizza box, as that’s the only thing that will hold this monstrosity of a breaky! But don’t let the size fool you, large and in charge, their is no shortage of flavor here! The chicken was well cooked, juicy in the middle and crispy fried outside. The waffles were fluffy and hinted with maple in the background. If that wasn’t enough, they add a couple strips of beautiful bacon in the middle. Fried leaks, added a touch of earthiness. Maple syrup reduction just topped off everything with a sticky sweet and pairs with chicken and bacon very nicely!!!

A few other things on their menu that others had ordered and really loved are roasted chicken, garlic, onions, asparagus & rosemary hash, corned beef hash, HH famous meatloaf hash, the sundried tomato, basil and goat cheese hash and the crispy hand hammered pork tenderloin. Don’t worry about lunch that day, because after eating here, you wont need it, you’ll either be too full or you saved half of breaky for a “some what” brunch!

Located in the second level of the casino, its a great place to try, if you don’t have the kids on that day, grab the brown bag breakfast that includes strips of bacon and a Budwesier or a  Bloody Mary and trip around the casino and downtown Reno while your at it! You’ll be suprised at the things you’ll find or see!!  Let me know if you have tried Hash House before and what your comments are! I encourage you to get out there and eat, let me know where and how good/bad. Until next time, enjoy living and loving in Nevada!



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