The reason for this posting is because of a recent event that made me realize, I am stereo typed by my dog breed of choice! Last Friday, our dogs got out of their yard and went missing for 7 hours. Now living out in horse country, were not the kind of neighborhood that has cement walk ways, asphalt roads,small close yards or anything resembling a suburban neighborhood. Were talking wide open ranges, some fenced, horses, cows and tons of empty space. When my hubby and I first found out they had gotten out of a left open gate, we panicked. We have 3 pit bulls and my mother law has a golden retriever. I figured they would have at least taken the roads to get to somewhere fun, but they didn’t. They chose to climb the mountain. Now one is overweight, one is old, one is a puppy and one has unlimited energy.

Both of us having to leave work early, we searched high & low of everything and everywhere! Almost nine hours it took us to find them all, but by next day break, the last doggie had returned home, safely!! But here is why I wanted to discuss this. As were driving around our entire neighborhood looking for them. Some neighbors, having dogs themselves were generally concerned and helped us find our dogs, some offered to call if they had seen the dogs, some neighbors drove right by us as we waived them down and some neighbors went in a direction I didn’t know I was associated with, OMG Pit Bulls.

It was discerning to me that so many people who live where we do, have livestock and know about animals, or are fond of them. But because I have 3 pitbulls, “Holy Shit, you better get them under control or were all dead,” ” Don’t you know you have to keep em things locked up,” “There going to kill the livestock,” “Dont you know those dogs aint no good.” These are the comments that I received and that haunted my every thought! Am I part of this horrible stereo type of Pit Bulls?  I mean, I have always had them, but mine aren’t like that? Are these people for real? Naive is my conclusion. I instantly thought about the time I saw a neighbor of mine working outside her fence, so I pulled over to say Hi. We talked about flowers and she mentioned that her dogs had gotten out last week, right about that moment, these 3 crazy black dogs ( not racist & type of dog unknown) came running to the fence line, starting crazily running back and fourth, snarling, barking, growling. It was a scary mess. Thank goodness they were behind the fence. Those dogs weren’t pit bulls, but they were scarier than my dogs, that’s for sure!

Our dogs do not eat blood or raw meat, they do not have 20lb chains for collars, their ears are not clipped, we don’t make them run on tread mills while pulling weight or whatever other thing people do with these beautiful, loving dogs. My dogs are lazy, fun, loving, pet me pet me dogs. They have a schedule they stick by, eating and bathroom breaks and naps.  They listen. They do not harm other animals, unless they are defending themselves, or harm people. They love kids, love strawberries and asparagus and watch TV with us in the evenings. My biggest dog rounding over 100lbs & overweight right now, hates to even walk on the gravel cause it hurts his paws. Does this sound like what my neighbors think?  Hardly!

So in that said, I have learned,that even the biggest animal lovers, are sometimes a little naive about dog breeds or animals in general! I truly believe that any animal, can be mean or vicious, its all about how you treat your dog and how their raised.  Teach your animal right & wrong, teach them respect and how to be confident in themselves!

With a smile, I know that my dogs are the real deal, loving and playful. yes, their Pit Bulls, but well trained Pit Bulls and they not harmful to anyone. Unless your carrying around a roasted chicken, then they might start nibbling at you!



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