Northern Nevada Foodie Time


I thought it would be super fun to share with you, all the yummy food to eat in Nevada. Now, because I live in Reno, most shared drooling will be more in the Northern Nevada areas, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think you’ll enjoy! So every week, I will share with you, the food that I am so awesomely enjoying!  Foodie Time, here we come.

Now, here in Nevada, I can’t think of that one food that is “our” dish per say. We have a lot of inspiration in this area, from all cultural aspects and California presence as well. Las Vegas is drowning in the newest, trendiest tastings. Reno is not sorely behind that. We have a mass eclectic food world that screams to be heard!! I would say that when it comes to food, Nevada has two sin cities.

In Reno/Sparks area we collect food from all over. Mexican,  El Salvadorian, Cuban,Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Native American,Thai, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Polish, Basque, Italian, French, Greek, Swedish,Hungarian, Ethiopian and yes, American! I mean with all these choices, all the different creations out there, how can we not be in sin city. Just think of this with out all the tassels, DJ’s and cigar smoke. This is boozey, delicious, un- do the top button of your jeans, kinda sin!

Now in the first picture I have shown you. This is what eating, sorry, devouring looks like. No words, just sounds. Please take a moment to see how this picture  makes you feel…………………………

This delicious creation is none other than the, (insert trumpet sounds here) Archie’s Giant Hamburgers & Breakfast. The name says it all. They are open for lunch/dinner as well. Located up by UNR, off S. Virginia St. (2195 S. Virginia St) Since 1995 Archie’s has been pumping out great western fair, as well as turning out great Wolf Packers! A bar located upstairs, restaurant on the bottom. This joint I must say, has some damn good food. My awesome employer buys all of us breaky every Friday, so my choice, going against the breakfast grain, chose to order the “Go Big Bleu Burger.”  A fresh, big juicy burger, fresh veg, dripping in bleu cheese, are you for real??!! This guy was a dream, beautiful and ridiculous in every way and at 9:00am.  “Shut it Down!” I have lived! Everyone loved their breakfast and the awesome part, because it was “to go” they seemed to understand how to package the food, as nothing was soggy or had the “to go” feeling. I have eaten there many times in the past and nothing fails me. Big beautiful french toast, sammies, bomb burgers and beers. Got to love it! So thank you Archie’s for doing what you do best, FOOD!!! Check out for more info.  See what Im loving(to eat) in Nevada on my next weekly Foodie Time discussion. What are some of your favorite food spots in the area??






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