Living in Nevada………….

Well first off, how exciting, my first post. And gosh, I’ve lots to say!  Welcome to being a happy wife, living in the desert. If you don’t live here, that’s OK, I’m here to fill you in on all that is being a creative wife, future mother, having a full time job and fitting in working out and feeding my family. Ive been living in Nevada since I was 4, moving here so young from California, I consider my self born and raised. My father was a good ole fashioned Hollywood actor (retired), married a gorgeous Tahitian model and here we are.

Living in Fallon, Nevada from pre-school, till after High School, then finding my way into Reno. And never leaving. Not now anyways. Like most Nevadans, I think we all say, “I love it here.” I mean that!  We have the desert, California forests, Lake Tahoe, the ocean is less than 4 hrs away. Vegas, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and all of northern Nevada with in our grasps and that’s just literally, to name a few. Clean, fresh air, all four seasons, The Wild West, prostitutes, casinos and gambling, snow and sunshine, fresh mountain lakes, desert flowers, whats not to love?

WOW, has Reno grown. We have so many good restaurants, micro beer pub/grills. Ethnic foods, markets, shopping, Reno Aces, UNR Sports and all outdoor activities. Some free, some for cheap. And lets not forgot because we are in a 24hr town, all the boozey events that come with, Beer Crawls galore, Wine Walks Beer Pong and just any reason to have a drink with a friend or work colleague. We are the mecca for creative arts such as Burning Man, Nada Hotel, Art town Downtown. Beautiful theaters like Bruka, Reno Little Theater and Pioneer. Idlewild, Rancho, Mayberry and Wingfield Parks. Mind you, this again, being such a small sample of the deliciousness that is purely, Nevada.

In the coming blogs, I will discuss with you a piece of how it is to live life free, eating great, looking great and feeling amazing, all while exercising your mind to enjoying everything that is being a creative wifey in Nevada!


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